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Do your toes move by themselves causing spasms??

I know thats a weird question but this happens daily with me & its getting worse. I can be laying down watching tv or whatever & usually its 1 or 2 toes will move down(not the rest of them ) & then I have awful spasms in my foot & up my calf muscle. At 1st my Big Toe would move out sideways from the rest of my toes & then the spasm would hit but now it can be any of my toes. The Dr. just looked at me like I was crazy but can you move just one toe (especially one of your middle ones & not the rest?). Right before the spasm hits I get a feeling in whichever toe(like a pulse or shock) then the toe move & the spasm hits. I woke up this morning with pains shooting in my feet so thats a new one but the spasm thing has happened over a year & getting worse. It used to be only when I was trying to relax now I can be sitting up or even standing. Its tooooooo strange. You can also see other muscles moving under my skin at times (looks like a wave under my skin). When the moron e/r Dr. basically said it was all in my head my family told him it must be in their heads too because they watch this happening. I have twitches & the zaps & zings also but does anyone else have this happening too?? Does anyone else wake up with their hand drawn into fists to the point it leaves indentations in your hands?? Please tell me I'm not crazy as I plan to print my replies to this post & take them to my Dr. Thanks !!!
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Hi Tammy,
Yes, I have the painful toe actions.  I call if the Vulcan Salute, because my great toe actually moves away from the other toes. It seems to only hit when I am relaxing and have my feet up - it does stop if I stand and bear weight on the foot.  This is very painful.

I also have the spasms in my right calf - I can watch the movements .  It feels like there are worms crawling under my skin.  It doesn't hurt - it is just strange.    This happens regardless of what position I am in -standing, sitting or supine.

You are not crazy - these are both very common.

be well,
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I should have added with the toe problem, it also sometimes affects the other toes too.
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I too have the same thing.  I like your term Vulcan Salute..you hit it right on.  Never even gave it a thought that it might be the MS.  Thought it was my work boots.lol
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My big toe will stand straight up - quite painful!  And then the other toes will pull themselves down toward the sole of the foot.  I also get cramps in the bottoms of the feet, although not recently, thank goodness.
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I have the same problem. Especially the "Vulcan Salute". I have my husband grasp my toes and squeeze them back together. It seems to put things in order and stop their mis-behavior.

My fingers will do this as well as other body parts. Weird stuff!
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Yes it is strange to feel you don't have control of your body!! Thanks for your responses...at least now I know I'm not crazy lol!!
I am experiencing this in my foot since my childhood. My doctor told that my nervous system is too weak and that was the reason this is happening. SO, he asked me to take good diet. Now I'm 29, I still experience this when I sit down, do Yoga, and other activities.
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I dont know if what i experience is the same but its probably very close, i've had this for years and years. It happens more when i am lying down but its can happen anytime now, my calves start to feel tighter and tighter, then the pain will hit in my feet and calves. The toes split, the abnormal babinski's reflex of the big toe being up when the other toes are down is happening, sometimes its one sometimes its both.

In truth nothing i do helps or stops it, it seems to be a wave of pain that i have to ride until it passes. I usually grab my toes with one hand and the arch of my foot with the other and try and force them back to normal, holding tight whilst the foot is trying to go back to the split. The calf muscle is hard as a rock, the foot is arched and often slightly twisted and the big toe is up with the others stuck down, its painful and an un-natural action. Its easier to cope when its just one but when its both, boy does it hurt!!

It happens more often when i am asleep, it wakes me like i've been hit with a cattle prod, i have something similar happening to my knees and my left hip will tighten up and then lock into a weird position, again its a wave of pain that ends just as suddenly as it began. My DH for years has noticed my feet will twist on to there outside edges, foot curled and the arch tight (sort of pigion toe), he'll flatten them out but i dont know this is happening, they seem to tighten gradually un-beknown to me, it drives him nutts.

The only explanation i've ever been given was 'probably' low sodium levels, i obliged my chip desires to eppic obsession and still no change in my feet, gave up salty chips cold turkey, I was desperate. [ROFL]. I think i would stand on my head, quack like a duck whilst blowing bubbles through my ears if my Dr said that would solve the problem of my feet, hmm i might give it a shot! :)

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Yep!  Count me in here, too.  On my bad leg my toes start to quiver independently of each other.  Usually its my 4th and 5th toes that start moving out and in.   Initially it's kind of interesting, but it leads to a painful spasm in the bottom of my foot that I have to manually break.

I suggest that you take a video of the motion so that future moronic docs can see the action.  We have suggested this many times, but for any symptom that is visible it is advisable to be able to show the doc a video.  Not only does it validate your history, but sometimes seeing the problem will allow the doc to give it a name - and maybe a diagnosis.

Things like:

Weird eye movements
Movements of muscles visible below the skin
jerking motions
things like seizures
funny gaits
and so forth

We have to document whatever we can to add to our history.

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I keep trying to video it but I never can catch it lol!! I guess I'll take my camera everywhere with me lol! Its good to see you back Quix!!
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This is a good and simple explanation of muscle spasms and cramps, worth reading.


Now about the recording of these often strange and difficult to discribe events, when they are happening i cant imagine being able to calmly locate the camera, turn it on, point and shoot straight enough to see the problematic limb(s) whilst i'm thrashing about and screaming. At the time i'm thinking of nothing but the pain cheifly stopping the pain, i think i'd have to move into the big brother house or rent someone lol.

I have had the odd day time everybody gets at sometime in their life 'foot cramp' but what i experience then is remarkably different to what i tried to describe in my other post, totally different feeling.

Be warned at the rate the migraine dx is happening at the moment this could be just another sx of migraine lol.

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LOL I agree & the dx of migraine
has already been tried on me. The newest brain fart (for lack of a better word) is fibromyalgia....ugh again.!! This is the 2nd time they tied to diagnose me with fibro! I pointed out that while I do have tender spots , they are from the neverending spasms & most people get sore after having spasms! My sister inaw has Fibro & she can walk & doesn't mess in her pants nor does she have brain lesions. Who knows before this is all over mabey I'll try for a medical degree myself in the field of neurology since it doesn't require a great deal of common sense (no offense to the good DRs. out there!).
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I've been thinking of starting a post called "the stupid things a dr told me" we could all do with a laugh. Seriously you should of seen me laughing my head off last night, my cheeks hurt, my stomach had a workout and i was snorting like a piglet. The subject was far from funny but it was what this poor lady had been told by her dr(s) when she questioned her dx of leprosy and the truck load of pills each of them was making her take, that tickled my funny bone.

Said by her neurologist: I dont want to do a biopsy because if its negative I will have no further answers of what to do next, translation I wont know whats wrong with you if the test proves i'm wrong! Gee i wonder why she's questioning her dx of leprosy.

Said by her dermatologist: He says that Pain / pricks are good development and that Painful conditions are always preferable to Painless conditions as it warns a human being. Note she didn't have these sx before all the drugs she now takes for leprosy.

Said by her psychiatrist:medicines can work only based on trust and she should not try to do research thats not connected with her proffession. Note this was said because she is questioning her dx of leprosy because all her tests for leprosy are negative, it seems theres something wrong with her mind for not wanting to have leprosy.

Translation: You need to trust us, we know what we are doing we are dr's, if you dont trust us your truck load of pills wont heal you of the leprosy we think you might have, say again!

If you dont see how rediculas and funny this is, then i might be one sick puppy lol!


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