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Is it me, or it is that the Doctor's seem to be supporting each other in every aspect of their  diagnosis?  Being it , good, bad or ugly or just not true.  My doctor told me just a month ago or so, the she was a general neurologist, and just dabbles in MS........well, as you remember or can imagine, I almost fell off my chair, and my hubby too.  Now, the other people in the clinic, and the MS Socitey are all supporting her, and making it sound like we just mis heard or are making it up.  

I just want some confidence in the Doctor, and we can't seem to find anyone who will be consistent on seeing us, or the confidence that we want to deal with them.  

Does this make any sense to anyone?  

I do feel like I am going into a pit again, and I don't like where it is going........

Still no news on the Vancouver *second opinion* visit...., but they say that MS has NO PAIN, and that it has to be something else.   I just don't know what to do...

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Hi candy1

I just finished adding to a post, I put up yesterday after I had some replies and part of my reply was kind of on this subject.

I have only been a member here for a couple of weeks, so, I do not feel confident in replying to posts yet, unless of course, they are my own.  I did want to tell you that your post makes sense to me!  I do believe that doctors are supporting each other in every aspect of their diagnosis.

I'll bet people who have MS wish there was no pain involved!  I hope tomorrow is a better day for you and you get the answers you need soon.



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I get where your coming from!!

What do you mean "Now, the other people in the clinic, and the MS Socitey are all supporting her, and making it sound like we just mis heard or are making it up." did you make a complaint or something? Does it really matter anyway, if your not confident seeing that neuro, your less likely to go back no matter how good everyone else thinks they are, its your opinion that counts!

I wouldn't hold my breath regarding the second opinion visit, they are working off information about a decade out of date, MS DOES HAVE PAIN and there are numerous studies that support what MSers have been saying all along, science was just a tad slow following up. Ha i nearly fell off my chair when the neuro i saw last, only wanted to know if i was blind, another MS myth. Funny i'm not blind but I have been dx with common MS eye issues.

I do remember the dable in MS comment, cause my first thought on reading that was "OH CARP!" Stay strong my girl, sometimes the answers take longer than we'd like, but wisdom will come one day.


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This belongs on the site about lies my neuro tells me.  

No pain in MS?  Bull****!!!!!!!!!
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Ohhhhhh, Sumana, you are so right!  That particular myth is named TWICE in the "Lies" thread.  It is one of the greatest of all lies.  what is says is that the dododoc 1) knows nothing about MS, but is trying to "dabble" in it or 2) they have a lot of patients with MS and haven't paid the slightest bit of attention to what their patients have told them.  I can list it a third time, but it IS there!!!!

And it makes me mad every time I hear it.  There are whole articles on the treatment and control of pain in MS.  If someone at an MS clinic really said that to you I can give you some great articles to send them.  The problem is that that kind of neuro is typically too arrogant to "learn" anything from just a regular person.

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Hi, Someone DID actually say that to us about MS, it was the NEUOLOGIST .... and yes, I made a complaint on line where you are rate your Doctors.  It was anonoymous ? sp*, but the point is there, and some people agree with me that they are a total waste of our time.  

When the receptionist called me the other day to make yet another appointment with the MS Clinic SHRINK..... cause the neuro thinks it would be a good idea.  I said *NO*.... cause the only reason that I was upset and crying and shaking was because of the da** doctots not believing us, ignoring us, not caring what our concerns were, and then shipping us off to Vancouver because they * HAVE NO CLUE* ... about pain and MS.....

So, when I chatted with the RN at the MS society ( different place)... she said the * all the neurologists at the MS clinic in the hospital, specialize in MS*, needless to say I DID NOT CALL HER BACK !!!  

I just don't know where to turn to now.   I have virtually seen all the Dr's at the MS clinic at the hopsital because over the last 2 years we have found NO ONE that has given us confidence or the listening ear that we need.   The only one that did is the shrink, but when you only see them every 4 or 6 months, what do they remember.... they just keep going over the OLD stuff and depression issues, and wonder why it despresses you again and cause anxiety.  Well, lets give another pill for that..... well,
I AM PILLED OUT !!!   and just want to vent....( sorry Quix) ....LOL

thanks for all your answers and opinions, it means alot to be able to come here and vent, and know that someone out there understands what we are living with, and I know that there are many people way worse off than me, and I only prayer for them is that they get a neuro that will listen and be compassionate.

(HUGS) to all,
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