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Does Anybody who is on gabapentin have memory and/or spacial memory problems??

I have Peripheral Neuropathy in Both Feet and Hands. Specifically ... Axonal Peripheral Neuropathy.Moderate to Severe. Finally got a Diagnosis after 18 months and 9 Doctors. Started taking Neurontin 100 mg. 3 times a day. As soon as I went up to 300 mg. 3 times a day, I noticed Severe Short Term Memory Loss. Spacial Memory Loss. Horrible!! I was leaving my keys in department stores. I forget Everything!! I feel like a Different Person. 50% of people say "It's the medication" It does say "Common Side Effects of gabapentin, temporary loss of memory, (amnesia), difficulty with speaking" I cannot think of certain words when speaking... Frustrating as heck!! I Never Had Any memory problems before this. Some Doctors say "It's not the medication" and some say "It's the medication" Has Anyone had this problem? Is it a symptom of Peripheral Neuropathy or Neurontin??? Help!!!
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Hil  All I can say is that memory problems come from the brain, a part of the central nervous system, and so are not connected to peripheral issues.

I've taken far more gabapentin than your dosage for many years without memory lapses, but what happens to me is not necessarily what happens to you. I suggest you wean yourself off this med and see whether the problem persists. If it doesn't, then gabapentin was likely the culprit. If it does, you may have some other disorder in addition to PN. Good luck.
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Hi and welcome to our little MS community,

Axonal peripheral neuropathy is a different issue to MS.....axons themselves actually die off in axonal peripheral neuropathy, but as to whether your memory issues are due to medication or PN is hard to say, generally PN is a symptom of another medical condition eg diabetes, several cancers, alcohol consumption, inadequate vitamins, systemic and chronic diseases etc

Realistically what ever condition you have that has caused the PN, may be an important factor to consider with your cognitive issues because it could be related and it's not always 1 medication that's causing additional problems but the combination of medication, life style, pain levels etc unfortunately the only true answer i can come up with is, it's too hard to say one way or the other...

Sorry i couldn't be of more help.....JJ

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