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Does It Only Have To Be Hot Weather? What About Cold?

What if I have the MS symptons (I'm too scared to get the spinal)..... but heat is not one of them.  Acutally, cold weather is harder for me to move in that hot.  My fingers and toes/feet look as they I have had frostbite (even in the summertime).  If you have MS can you do okay with heat but not the cold?
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I don't have heat intolerance either, nor cold intolerance (I'm not diagnosed yet, btw).  Heat intolerance is very common with MS, but not all MSers have it.   I have also read about some MSers having cold intolerance, but not heat intolerance.

The cold hands/feet sounds like Raynaud's Syndrome.

Try this link:  

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Take care! Pat :)
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I haven't gotten the spinal yet either, sounds so invasive....and painful (scared too). But I have an intolerance for hot and cold.  In fact, my temperature is so sensitive at times (not always, but seems to be most of the time), that I have to literally take the covers off or jacket and by the time I get it off, I have goosebumps and need to cover up again.  I sometimes have a terrible time getting comfortable enough to sleep.  I have finally found one blanket that seems to work.  It is one I bought while in Mexico, but not the heavy kind, the thin soft ones.  I hope you feel better soon.
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Sounds like Raynauds to me also.  Raynauds can be associated with other immunological disorders.  You definitely should get it checked-out.  A colleague of mine with it used to utilize those heating packs that you can put in the microwave to hold in her hands while out in the cold.  They are fairly inexpensive now and can work wonders in the wintertime.  She always kept one in her auto and her purse.  Hope this helps!
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Hi there.  Yes, you can have both problems.  I have severe heat intolerance, and last winter I got Raynauds.  Yippee!  It's funny actually, because it doesn't happen just because my hands are cold.  They can be cold and be just fine.  It's when my _body_ gets cold that the Raynauds hits my hands.  It's a really creepy feeling and it looks like your fingers have gone dead on the ends.  But I have weird reactions to temperatures...ever since I was a kid, if my face gets cold, it freezes up and gets paralyzed...my tongue can't move, my cheeks can't move, I can't talk.  If my ears get cold, I have excrutiating pain in them.

I figure I am a temperature Goldilocks. :)  Can't be too hot, can't be too cold.  Must be _just_ right.

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I have rhaynaurds syndrome and the cold is a awfull time for me look the sx up i get colur changes in my hands they go white blue then red and are very painfull, i also get cold feet all the time and my lips go blue too which can be tied into the rhaynaurds syndrome, i find the cold the worse its sets my nerve pain off awfull and makes my muscles cramp more.

Im not dx yet i had a clear mri of the head and spine and just had my spinal tap and nerve testing done and have another mri due in two weeks.

I was very scared to have the spinal as i had bad experiences with my c-sections and the spinal blocks they used as they had a hard and painfull job to get it in, and i have to say it took them 3 attemps three locals to get in again this time but i think over in the u.s.a they can use floscopy (camera device) or you could be sedated, i did it as i had to know what was causing this awfull flares of pain and the fact my whole life has come to a stand still since may this year drove me to need answers, i think if i had been working still and not in pain i would not of gone for it.

Take Care
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Hello Guys,
I was told I have MS and I did do the spinal tap ( this is not meant to be a deterent), but I vow never to do it again. I am planning on getting re-tested and so help me God the spinal tap will not be a part of retesting..First, after the procedure was done I was perfectly fine...**** abou one hour after I started to pull my feet because I started to feel pain in my lower back..Anyways a long story short I was in bed for 2 wks, went back to the hospital twice and to do a blood patch to stop the pain. It is the most excruiating pain never. Whenever the pain came on I had to cry out, it was that intense and I couldnt move because usually you will find a spot or position that prevents you back from hurting however if you move a leg or arm you are back to square one...
I am sure its a important part of diagnosis, however please take precautions such as laying flat for at least 3 hours after the procedure. Drink tons of water and caffiene before and after the tap...

Good luck!!
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