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Does MS still declare?

Just curious - and just for fun- how many of your neurologists speak or have spoken of multiple sclerosis 'declaring itself.' In all googles, this is a phrase which is placed in scare quotes and yet it occurs in all seriousness in my reports. Very curious and kinda in for a laugh tonight - is this antiquated speech or still current jargon?
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My neurologist used the word "scream" -- does that count?  As in, "Your mri does not scream ms."

Wondering, though, whether you are referring to symptoms, rather than imaging results.  My signs and symptoms hollered for a while, and although my mri was talking, it just wasn't loud enough :P.
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Some declare ... Others scream ....I think mine are playing hide and seek --- :-0
Couldn't resist ........;)
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I love it! Can't say that I have heard it before though.

My original MRI stated "...this certainly raises the possibility of underlying demyelination with multiple sclerosis as a consideration."

My neuro felt that I wasn't presenting typically so he said that "it likely isn't MS and if it is it is too mild to require treatment."

When he did the spinal tap a month later he just said that it was MS and asked me which medication I wanted.

All of that to say, it is probably specific to certain neuros but it does make me giggle a bit.

Oh my ... That is why this is such a frustrating period with the possibilities of MS. Each neuro differs but that in itself is frightening to me.
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Good day, Mr. Respected Neurologist, said with hat in hand, calling card offered, and a deep bow (cue accent of dowager Lady Grantham from Downton Abbey) You can call me Ms. Ms. MS and I do declare that I intend to take up residence in the neuraxis of your patient, should you be so kind as to recognize my presence.
Brilliant, and I <3 Downton Abbey!
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More seriously, I see it used as "this is likely/unlikely to declare as MS / has not yet declared (itself) as MS, etc....."
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MS might get better attention from the neuro by addressing him/her as Your Eminence.
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I think mine are like suspicion combo, hide and seek, lol!  Or maybe it could be called my "imaginary friend" since no one can find evidence of it yet!
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I'd never come across that particular turn of phrase, but it does make MS sound rather like Scarlet O'Hara. "Why, I do declare!"
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Heehee - now that I do declare is an excellent idea!
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The declarations to declare or not to declare .... That is the question Sir Knight...! :)  

By golly we have lost our marbles on this one ;)
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Hahaha, your making me laugh.....so true getting these responses...
Take care
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We must "declare" a level of laughter considering we all endure a "declaratory (non) judgement" process of limbo or dx ....right? If anyone navigating through this can bring even just one smile on another ........then we've prevailed on many fronts! :)
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You guys have made my day : ) suspicious combo, let's keep on laughing, it is the only way forward. may it not declare, much less scream, but should it insist, we are armed and ready with rhetoric and sharp wits (uhhhh not so convinced of last item but hey let's go with it!).
Ditto Ditto Ditto :)
You just have to laugh.  Really.
Laughter in whatever form initiated is the best prescribed medicine!
Laughed my way through some balancing testing yesterday that could have been pretty depressing ... I thought my balance was "okay" ... not so much :P.
Guess that provides meaning to the phrase----"how was the balance of your day?" OY! :)
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