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Does anyone know of a good heart/cardiology forum?

Love to all my friends here!!! I am looking for a good heart/cardiology forum, something similiar to this place that was so lovely and wonderful to me so long ago.... can anyone msg me or post a place that they would recomend. I am needing a little support and knowledge and I thought of ya'll and am hoping I can find a place to call "home" for my heart health. Smile..and laughter.  
Thanks and hugs to all!
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Hi Sunny, I'm sorry I can't answer your question but I wanted to sat how nice it is to see you and that I'm sorry you are in need of such a forum.

Is the heart forum on medhelp any good? It looks to be quite active.

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Hey it is nice to see you come on the forum.

Lu belongs to a forum/board called Womenheart.com.  If you don't aleady know about this group, check it out.  

Hope everything else is going well for you.  Give us an update if you are up to it.  

Take good care.

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Lulu directed me there a while back.  I didn't end up spending a lot of time on the forum but many members seemed well informed.  There are a lot of women following traditional prevention and treatment routines for heart problems.  There are also several open minds investigating newer, even alternative, approaches.  

Best of all, the Womanheart forum is expressly for women.  This isn't a sexist comment.  It is important because it is now well established that heart disease very often looks and responds quite different in women than it does in men.  The medical community seems to have a hard time remembering this and putting the knowledge to good use.  Sadly, this lack extends even to the ER docs who evaluate acute cardiac events many times each day.  A forum for women, about women and by women who have already been there is (as they say) priceless.

Good luck in finding the info and support you need.
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thanks to each of you lovely ladies who responded to my question....I will check womenheart out! I believe I was there several years ago, but have lost the link, so this was a very nice reminder.

it appears that my "ticker" is acting up with resting supraventricular tachycardia and and at times bradycardia as well as odd beats....I believe my doctors are doing a good job managing it but I like to be informed as well. And here I used to think hypertension was the worst of my heart worries- laugh.... you never know what your body will throw at you next, right?

keep on keeping on.....
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Hi Sunny!

Just saying hello! I hope the forum serves you well. Nice to see you, and good luck w/your heart doc, Girl!

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Hey, Sunny, good to hear from you!

I've been having problems recently with increased heartrate, and a bit of brachycardia - I see my PCP tomorrow so maybe we'll get thsi figured out.
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