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Does numbness, tingling, worsen circulation, generally?

Hi, all!  I am not dx'ed yet, but wondered if others have experienced this (maybe this indicates that it isn't MS).  I have been having numbness and tingling, off and on in various parts of my body, primarily in my extremities (it started on my left side only, then expanded), for over two years now.  

My question is...lately, I find that now, when I have any of my hands, arms, legs or feet, in a 'sustained' position (such as holding my phone while browsing the internet), for just a few minutes, a part of that arm, leg, etc, will begin to go numb.  Then when I change positions it goes away.  This is now happening quite frequently. I am even experiencing it, right now, while typing this post, on my phone. Has anyone else experienced this, please?  Thank you, in advance!  Jan.
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Are you saying that you experience numbness and tingling, 'only' when your hands, arms, legs and feet have been held in a bent position for awhile but it goes away when you move them?

eg crossing your legs or sitting on a chair, and your foot/feet and or leg(s) will go numb and or tingle but it goes back to normal when you move them out of that held position?

or whilst holding the phone to text, your neck is bent forward to look down, your arms are bent to hold the phone in front of you and your hand(s) and or arm(s) and if you hold that position you feel the numbness or tingling but it goes back to normal when you move out of that held position?

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JJ - thank you for your reply.  This numbness and tingling that I get, after my hands or feet, or whatever body part, have been in a bent position, or in a sustained position, is 'in addition' to the continuous numbness and tingling I have, at times (it seems to last about two weeks), in my left foot, leg, arm, hand, and face.  I thought maybe, after having that continuous numbness for a while, it might then cause this 'temporary' numbness, when in some sustained position.  I hope I explained this adequately!  Thanks again, JJ.  Jan.
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I have numbness from ms lesions in spine.
It comes and goes and then sometimes comes and stays and then goes.
Yes I also get the crossed legs, holding phone typing, and feels like cut off circulation numbness ... I have this a lot!! On top of numbness on and off for longer periods of time.
Is this ms? I do not know
Does ms and already having ms numbness make this worst? I assume so

I am interested in others take on this ... I also have a blood clotting disorder so I am always concerned with the numbness.
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Cann...thank you for providing your experiences that sound pretty similar to mine...I don't feel as crazy, now...lol!  I will be interested to hear if any others get this also.  Hang in there, Cann!  Jan.
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I have the same problem, my sated before I was diagnosed with ms and fibromyalgia my gets really bad and it happens when im sleeping to. it takes my numbness awhile to go away my legs are already numb it just get worse when I sit, stand or walk for any period  of time.  im still trying to find the answer for this.
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I get this and have MS and never had it before the MS reared its ugly head, so I assume its part of having MS.
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I also get this when I'm having flares that involve hemiparesis, in my weak leg.  Can't sit in a recliner without setting off the leg -- although  mine will also spasm.
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