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Dr. Richard Burt - Adult Stem Cell Theraphy

Has anyone heard of this doctor and his research in stem cell therapy? My husband just sent me a text saying he called them and they are sending me a questionnaire to see if I qualify for the treatment? I'm always really iffy about things like this and just wanted to see if anyone has heard of him.

Hope everyone is having a great day :)
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There does seem to be a move to this kind of 'wipe out and then reset the immune system' theory. I'm very interested to see where it leads, but I don't think I'd be pursuing it myself just yet. Perhaps in future.

With regards to this specific doctor however, the promo video on his site, includes a man saying that his MS is now cured by this man. Dr Burt carefully didn't say it himself, but made sure someone else saying it was in that video. I find it very difficult to look past that red flag. The treatment costs $125,000 (stated here http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/blog/health-care-inc/2014/11/ohsu-is-proceding-cautiously-on-new-ms-treatment.html?page=all) so Im not sure I imagine most insurance companies going for it.
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Thanks for your input. Yeah that's how I feel as well but the hubby is so eager to find something to help me out because I just havent been doing too well lately.
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You might want to read this article by marc Stecker, Wheelchair Kamikazee, on the very public outing of a stem cell scam - http://www.wheelchairkamikaze.com/2015/01/a-stem-cell-scam-unravels.html

And then share it with your husband.  there are only a few FDA approved stem cell studies taking place right now in the US.  I understand you hubby's desire to find anything to help you, which is so sweet.  But ask him to learn more about stem cell therapy before signing you up.  

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Thank you! Yeah we talked about it this weekend and we decided to hold off on it especially because it said it can cause infertility and i'm wanting to try for another baby. I will def send him the link so he can read up on it.
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Just wanted to add some information from Canada, some provinces have approved a study with stem cell.  BC is one of them.  It is done without removing immune system.  

Look online it might have more info.  I'm not eligible because of age.

Take care
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