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"Drop Foot"

Could someone please explain the term "Drop Foot"?  Need to know if this is what i am experiencing!


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Probably the best way to know if you are having this issue is to see a physiotherapist and have them assess your gait.  It's pretty difficult to go from written descriptions.  I had mine a while before it was pointed out to me -- it's relatively mild, however it worsens with exercise.

My first warning sign, however, was "chirping" the toe of my running shoe (yes it made that sound) on the treadmill.  Drop foot (or foot drop) is caused by weakness that can be distal (ankle flexion) and/or proximal (hip) or both -- my situation.

It also has different causes -- the most common causes are peripheral nerve issues such as diabetes or injury.  It can also be caused by central nervous system weakness.

Do you have weakness?
You know, that's the first time I've ever heard it described that way, and I can relate to it completely. I'm constantly feeling like I "stub" my right foot on the treadmill. It's been that way for awhile. I always thought it was because I wasn't picking up my feet enough (and may be), but I will pay a bit more attention to it now,

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Yes, do Cheryl ... I dislocated my knee because of it last summer.  I know they teach in falls prevention to wear sturdy soled shoes, but my sturdy sole "stuck" as I was turning -- need surgery now.  In the house now, I wear sock feet so my toe slides.
could someone please let me know how and where I can post a thread about severe and painful Foot Drop? Can't figure out this interface!
Hi Tableone,

If you are using the mobile site, it's a bit trickier. Find the "breadcrumb" at the top of the page and click on the words Multiple Sclerosis to get to the main page. From there, look at the bottom of your screen and it will say something like Ask a New Question. Click that and post.

If you are on a laptop/desktop the interface is a little different. It's similar steps, but I'm on a mobile device so don't want to give you bad advice...

I hope this helps,
Also, once on the main page, you may need to scroll down a little for the Ask a New Question option to appear.
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I have pretty severe foot drop. I first noticed it while sitting on the toilet, lol!!! My right foot didn't touch the floor (the front of it). I realized I couldn't raise the toes toward my shin. I get spasticity there now, and I have greatly reduced sensation from the knee down. (That is, except for the severe pain inside the ankle and calf).

I was given a brace, which does help with the pain - especially when my muscles try to raise the toes and get sore). You do need to be careful not to stub your tie and fall. I find wearing a slight wedge shoe helps. And stay away from shoes with heavy rubber toe boxes - they eill catch and trip you up!

Good luck!
Lol - after posting this, I used the "rest room", and realized I described the foot drop backwards! My heel doesn't touch the floor. The toes point down (drop), making tripping and falling a danger. I needed to correct that.
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