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EEG results

Hi to all and happy holidays.  I haven't been on in a while and hope all are well.  I am a gray area patient - lesions - some in places where MS attacks - others more nonspecific -

Results of recent eeg show mild abnormal slowing of background?????

Anyone want to share anything they know about what this could mean and your experience with MS and EEG?

Thanks and have a great day!
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Hi Carol, it's been a while!! I think that is how my EEG recording was showing, abnormal slowing of background, but can't remember... I have had 5 abnormal EEG's and have been diagnosed with simple partial seizures.  Apparaently Lyme disease (which is my long awaited dx) is what has caused my seizure disorder, most likely the co- infection of Bartonella, because it went straight to my brain and caused neuro - like symptoms.

If I am not mistaken,, I have heard that seizures are a rare symptom of MS, but that is just something I think I have read somewhere along the way,

Pam :)
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Hi Pam,
Thanks for the response.  So you have been dx with lymes?   Wow!  I'd be curious to know more about all this if you could private message me.  I have an appt with the neuro from Rochester who I believe you saw.....at the end of Jan but not even sure it's worth the trip!

Thanks and feel well.
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Hi Wiggles - have nothing to add where the results are concerned, but wanted to take the opportunity to say hello :)
Hope you get more answers soon :) Been long while now :(
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There are several different types of seizures.  Absence Seizures, Atypical Absence Seizures,  Myoclonic Seizures, Atonic Seizures,  Tonic Seizures, Clonic Seizures, Tonic-clonic Seizures, etc.  

Myoclonic seizures seem to be listed as a recognized MS symptom.  Your doctor also has to be aware of the medication you are taking.  Tegretol can cause generalized slowing of an EEG.  Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbamazepine  

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