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EEG results?

Does this mean anything?


This electoencephalogram showed intermittent nonspecific dysfunction over bilateral temporal regions, of uncertain clinic significance.  The finding of a benign variant; wicket spikes over the temporal regions, is not considered epileptiform in significance.

It sounds like something's a bit off, but they're not sure what.  The story of my life, right?  LOL!

I'll do some googling and see if I can figure it out, but if anyone has knowledge of this kind of stuff, please share.


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Yeah, i agree with your interpretation.  They see something, they don't think it is epilepsy, but they also don't know what it is.

Will a doctor review the test result with you?  

I suppose every piece of information is useful.  What was the test like, I don't know what an EEG entails?

Take care
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I see my PCP on the 12th, hope she doesn't just say it's "fine".  :o)

The test was a trip; the tech measured and marked off specific areas on my scalp with colored pencils, then cleaned each spot with a saline solution that roughed it up a little, then she attached 29 electrodes with a gel, one on my shoulder to follow my heartbeat.

She had me lie down comfortably, close my eyes, open them.  Then she had me breath like I was climbing a steep flight of stairs for 3 minutes, then rest.  She put a strobe light in front of my face, had me lie with my eyes open, then closed, and she turned on the strobe.  She turned it off, and had me open my eyes.  She did this same cycle several times, with the strobe going faster each time.  Finally, she had me rest for several minutes with my eyes closed.  She said I started to drift off a couple of times.

This was an EEG to see if I had seizures, in case you hadn't guessed that or read it in one of my previous posts.  I think there are a few different kinds of EEGs.  I thought it was interesting, and wished I could see the screen that the tech was looking at.  

Curious Kathy

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