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Has anyone ever heard of excessive sighing, like a very dramatic sigh, a loud shuddering sigh,  on and off all day?  It's been driving me crazy! I am in limboland, so I am trying to keep it together.
Anyway, it's like the hiccups, it's very annoying.  It just happens no warning.  I am driving my family crazy, cause they are loud.  I found a forum for ms that says that excessive sighing and hiccups are a symptom of ms.  I do also have asthma since birth, but never had this happen to me before.
It started about a year and a half ago, happened once in a while and continually got worse.  Anyway, just another symptom to add to my list.  Can't wait to find out the end result.  
A new symptom every week.  So if anyone out there who can relate to this, really annoying new bodily noise, please, please, tell me I am not alone, and I can tell my hubby SEE!  I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE BABE. SO THERE!  I CAN'T HELP IT!  Thanks Guys!  Sandie
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Oh yes.i have sighed like that for years, never know why though. I also have a shortness of breath.  I think they are connected. I also have a crackling sound in my chest....go figure !

I also had asthma since birth and noone ever pays any attention to it, and i do tell the Drs. I am going to get that all checked out after i see my MS doc on the 19th and ask what I should do.

hang in there and keep me posted.

hugs, meg
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Have you ever been told that it is a symptom of ms?  I did read on a medical ms forum, under I think breathing problems, shortness of breath, chest pain, hiccups, excessive sighing, and a couple of other symptoms, were of ms.
I really have to start that timeline with my symptoms, before my appt. something new all the time?  I'm undx,are you dx yet?

you hang in there too we'll compare sighs! he he

hugs back atchya  sandie
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Yes, I have even had this.  It's weird.  At first, I didn't think that much about it but, it happens to me alot.  I am dx'd w/MS.
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i hate to admit it but just reading the title of your post made me sigh!  I'm not kidding...........

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I dunno if I'd call it involuntary sighing...  But I have a frequent symptom of being short of breath, and the only way I have of dealing with it is to take several deep breaths.  I also have this weird thing my diaphragm and lungs do...  Hard to describe - but it's a cross between a hiccup and a wheeze.  

I also have frequent hiccups - extremely annoying!
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Have you ever mentioned it to your neuro and if so what did they say?
I am undx, and the sighing has been going on for about a year and a half.  I just never thought anything of it cause it started out just once in a while.  
Just recently last 6 months my hubby started to complain about it, said it was annoying. he he
Well that's when I really started to take notice of it.  Now  it occurs all day on and off everyday.  Can't pinpoint why.  Sometimes it happens 6-8 times within an hour.  I started stuttering last week also.  Been tons of stress lately, so maybe symptoms escalating.  IF I were dx with ms, would this be the norm where symp would get worse and new ones pop up.
Started with vertigo last week also.
Anyway, my hubby who was very skeptical about me having ms, is now saying......San, I think you have ms, after reading the symptoms, he realizes I have so many of them.  We'll see, still have yet to be dx, if not ms, What!  

Thanks a whole bunch!  Sandie
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Sorry, i didnt get back to soon,,,,I post something and it completely leaves my mind.
Its very frustarating, but its how it is!  and yes, i was dx'ed in March of this year.

I have never known how much of this breathing is part of MS or not.  Its strange that so many of us have this problem though.  I also have shortness of breath, it is just very irritating and with the dizziness and fatigue, it feels as if they are all working against each other.  Maybe to fix one might help the other..

Did that make sense, can't always find the right words..lol

anyway, my thoughts...

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Sandie490  I was just researching why I’m yawning and sighing excessively. I was very surprised to read that individuals who have Multiple Sclerosis are very prone to this! I had no idea! And I was just as surprised to have come across your question! I’ve had MS for 15 years now and have entered into secondary progressive MS. New symptoms and older ones continuing.
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I was diagnosed in 2008 and I do a lot of sighing too. I had no idea it was MS related!
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I yawn a ridiculous amount when I’m having a hard time going back to sleep.  In the last few months I keep gasping like someone with shortness of breath.  There’s a name for that—w....   My daughter with MS  does it too and doesn’t like the mask prescribed for her.
The name is actually sleep apnea.  It can occur when I’m waking up or fully awake and probably when I’m sleeping.
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