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Early 20s and concerned about potential MS

I am 23 and have been concerned about MS for just over a year.

It started last year on holiday. The air conditioning was giving me terrible leg and arms pains. Like a right and numb pain- as if my blood pressure was being constantly checked. This has happened since on the odd occasion I am near cold air in the summer.

Since then I have had tingles in my back shoulders and arms when I wear tight clothes or the air conditioning is on.

Now it is winter and as it has got colder I have experienced pains in my arms- the same pains. I also have joint pains in my fingers...it hurts my joints in my hands to hold something heavy so perhaps it's rheumatoid arthritis?

Does anyone know if these symptoms are something to be concerned about? I have been to doctors numerous times and they've laughed it off. Said I should get a blood test- slightly deficient in vitamin D but that's all that came back.

Has anyone got advice?
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Hi and welcome,

I'm not sure where you got the idea that what you experience could be something like MS but it doesn't sound anything like the symptoms a neurological condition like MS typically causes....

Some of the big red flags pointing away from neurological conditions like MS as a most likely cause, is when the symptoms are in all peripheral limbs or bilaterally in both upper and or lower limbs.

You are basically describing what amounts to a banding sensation (like getting your blood pressure done) in your arms and legs, which is a description commonly associated with the peripheral nervous system.

You also seem to be only experiencing sensory issues when exposed to air conditioning and or whilst wearing tight clothing, but pwMS temporary
experience the return or worsening of their symptoms when expose to an 'increase' in internal or external temperatures which is called heat intolerance and its one of the most common symptoms in MS. For many years, the “hot bath” test was used to diagnose multiple sclerosis...

I'm not sure what the problem may be, it's more the opposite of what happens when it's MS though, the only advice i can think of is that since it is happening in very specific circumstances (air conditions/tight clothing) i would suggest you consider if its just the cold temperatures and tight clothing restricting the natural blood flow in your extremities and try altering your behaviours to see what helps you keep warm with less restricted blood flow happening in your limbs.

Hope that helps.....JJ    

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