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Early Symptoms

I am going tomorrow for the results of my MRI of Brain and Spine, VEP (visual evoked potential) and EMG.  Of course I have alot of anxiety because I have exhibited several MS symptoms.  About 20 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I am hypothyroid.   My questions is would anyone be willing to tell me some of the symptoms they were experiencing prior to your MS diagnosis?
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We would all be willing. That's what we're here for :-) In my case it was bilateral numbness from big toe up to mid shin.

I think it would be easier if you were to tell us what you have been experiencing. Although at this point it may be closing the barn door after the horse is gone, given that you have already had the 1st battery of "suspicion of MS" tests.

Welcome to our group.


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I'd love to share some of my symtoms...in late Aug of this year I began documenting sorry it is so long.
Numbness is worse and is moving around. Alot of numbness and tingling and in knee cap area and between knee cap and ankles both legs worse
Moving now to front of calves 10:20pm.
Toes burning.


Cold chills throughout body all night. Shins just to inside
Numb tingly and half dollar sized knots on both legs. Knots are pale. Forehead and upper lip numb and tingly beginning 8:30pm. Toes burn and fingers numb on both sides. About 9:30pm chills and tingly running up and down both legs mainly knees and below, some on thighs. Upper back near spine has been numb and tingly all evening and chest feels same. Felt tightness in neck and back of head near neck.
A lot of burning throughout my body like a sunburn. In the evening my feet felt like they were on fire. My neck and throat feel like something is wrong almost like my neck is getting stiff And my throat seems to be making it difficult for me to swallow. The ringing/noise in my ears is horrible. Same knots on my shins as last night and the burning, tingling, Numbness is more pronounced there, And in my toes and in my fingers.
Edges of tongue and inside nose got numb and tingly.

Left eye is cloudy. Numbness on and off hands feet left leg
Cool flush feeling down legs and feet. Left leg is having more symptoms than right
A lot of cool flush feeling on legs.
Left leg mostly affected. Numbness and tingly hands going numb, itchy skin all over
Numbness and tingling on left leg and a cool numb feeling in my upper back. Right foot is also numb and tingly. Left forearm numb and tingly on topside at the arm. Hot spots move around in legs
Numbness and tingling on left leg and a cool numb feeling in my upper back. Right foot is also numb and tingly. Left forearm numb and tingly on topside at the arm
Last few days prickly feelings all over come and goes. Feels like tiny bug bites/stinging.
Pads of feet and underside of toes are sore and burn and has been happening since onset of symptoms.
Skin continues to itch. Left knee cap keeps going numb
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Hi Lisa -

That certainly is a list! nothing I read screamed MS to me, but I'm not a doctor. It seems that MS tends to impact an individual area(s) for an extended time, rather than move as quickly as you describe.

In MS symptoms are the result of damage to nerves in individual locations. This kind of damage takes a while to build up and doesn't jump around. You can have multiple areas of inflammation, but the symptoms they cause tend to be consistent.

In any event, tomorrow you will have more information about what's causing you issues.

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thank you for your input.
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Hi, Lisa:

The symptoms that lead to my Dx were ON and lip/chin/tongue numbness. Although a year earlier I experienced bilateral foot numbness. All resolved completely within weeks.

I hope you find answers.

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