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Electrical Stimulation to Anal Sphincter Muscle

Well, as many of you know, I lost the urge to defecate years ago. So, tomorrow, I am scheduled for my 1st electrical stimulation to the anal sphincter muscle.

The Tech explained that she is going to attempt to make the muscle relax. I am supposed to receive two treatments a week for 6 weeks.

Has anyone else had this done, and if so, did it help you?

I am so tired of dis-impacting!!!!


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Hi Sheila,

Desperate times, call for desperate measures huh love?

Oh my. I'm so sorry to say that I do not know the instances of MSers who have had this, and if they had relief. But, what I can do is search the www with the hopes others have and are talking about it.

What day to you start?
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Some study info (old and new'ish) while you wait....




I'll work on finding patient experiences.
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Hi, Shell.

I just can't take it anymore. So, when I read that the hospital 45 minutes away opened a Center for Incontinence, I asked my G.I. Doc if he thought they could help me.

He set up an appt. right away.

I start tomorrow.

I'm nervous, because he still hasn't found the cause of my diarrhea.

Gallbladder Ultrasound was normal, and BCBS refuses to pay for a HdaScan because the Ultrasound was normal.

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Thanks for the links, Shell.

Much appreciated.

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I am new new here!! I have been searching the Internet !! When by chance I came across ur post!! I have lost .. Ah.. Doctors want me to get or have a colostomy Bag !!  I keep saying there must be something like electricity or stimulation anything to first try.. Because I will not I refuse to accept a poop bag !!!  Did you ever get it done?? I swear I would hook my butt to my car battery if it would work ( I'm sorry ) I was a model.. I have lost everything.
I just want to know where I can go for this treatment.. I can't find it anywhere !!
My name is Lisa Stegeman. Google me.. I am real. I promise.
P.s. reading your posts makes me feel not so alone.
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