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Epidural & SPinal Lesions

I am 32 years old and am pregnant with my first child.  I was diagnosed 1 year ago with a lesion on my spine between T5 & T6.  The Dr. thinks that I have MS, however do to lack of insurance could not do other testing to confirm.  I will be giving birth next month and wanted to know if there is any reason why I should avoid having an epidural.  
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This is an excellent question - let's see if we can get our expert Doctor on the forum - either Quix here or Dr Kantor on the other site - to answer this one.  

We'll get back to you ----

my best,
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someone just posted the free question for the day an hour ago - please try to get this question on the *expert* forum tomorrow -


He does one free question a day, and the time that it is available to post varies.

In the meantime I'm curious what some of our newer moms here have to say about their deliveries.........


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I can't help at all with your question; my only daughter was a c-section, probably just a few months after you were born, but congratulations and best wishes!

(If it's a boy, I like "Ezekiel;" or "Zeke" for short, and for a girl, I've always loved my mother's name, "Sarah.")

Peacec & blessings.
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Just in case I thought I would post on this thread as well.

Do you have MS or are the lesions from something else?  If you are ever unsure about whether you can have an epidural or not you can ask your doctor or your hospitals anesthesiologist?  They can let you know if it is safe.  If you have MS epidurals are safe unless there are other reasons why you cannot have them.  I had an epidural with my last one and will with this one, I have asked if it is okay even if I have MS or Fibro (these are what my doctor thinks I might have.)

Congratulations by the way. Do you know if it is a boy or a girl?  When are you due?  It is such an exciting time. I am very happy for you.

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I am not sure if it is MS or something else.  A few years ago I had a lesion on my brian.  The nuerologist I went to told me it was not MS.  He felt it was either an infection or and inflammation.  We waited 6 months and did another MRI, the lesion was gone.  Then last April I had numbness and tingling in my leg.  My insurance was running out.  I had a very limited plan with only 5 Dr.'s visits a year, and little money for diagnostics.  I went to a different nuerologist who determined that the symptoms that I was having required an MRI (which I paid for out of my own pocket).  I had no more Dr's visits after initial consulation.  He called me over the phone to let me know that I had a lesion between T5 & T6.  He understood my situation with the insurance and explained that because of my history he felt very strong that it was MS.  He said I should start a drug therapy.  I decided not to go that route because I wanted to have a baby (and due to lack of insurance).  I still do not have insurance, I am on MediCal ( just for the baby).  I was avoiding asking my Dr. because I do not want her to document this on my chart.  My husband is in the process of looking for work, and I do not want to be denied insurance for pre-existing conditions.  I really would prefer to deliver with an epidural, however I do not want to jeopordize my health to do so.  
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