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Exercise Programs Yikes!!!!

Well I got a call this a.m. before leaving for the last part of my neuro/psych testing and apparently I have to go to another hospital at 9:15 tomorrow for an assessment for the lung health clinic where they are supposed to help me with an exercise and diet program that I can do with my asthma.  They will do a 2 hour assessment tomorrow and then I am to start on Oct. 29th every tues and thurs from 1130 to1430 for 8 weeks!  This is in the downtown core of the city so it will be a challenge to get there for me alone.  I will have to drive to Mom's and then get a bus to downtown and the walk from the bus stop along could very well kill me I am sure!  hehe

Anyway, they told me to bring running shoes tomorrow for walking on the tread mill...YIKES....I can't hardly manage to stay standing when the ground only appears to be moving let alone when it really IS moving!!!  Has anyone tried to use a treadmill when they are having problems with balance?  I am really concerned about this because I really don't want those darn , wake you up in the middle of the night with a pain in your thigh like someone is stabbing you with a sword, pains!  I guess I will go check it out but any advice that anyone can offer would be appreciated!  Hubby is taking me there tomorrow so the walk back to the bus won't be an issue but in October I am thinking this could be a problem.  We stopped at the mall to buy some running shoes today and by the time we got back to the truck I had a hard time getting in... and right my legs are killing me. Hmmmm....this should be VERY INTERESTINK!

Lots of Hugs,

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Rena... I just wanted to dash out something before i go to sleep (which would be a good idea, maybe it will chase the strange new dizzies away).

When you are doing PT, the goal is to (I was told) work you just enough that you feel pain, but not an huge amount that is un-livable. Basically, no pain no gain. But, they SHOULD each day do a pain assessment to see how you are feeling and make sure that what they are doing isn't killing you, or at least making you feel worse than when you started. This will, or should, help them assess if what they are doing is working and if they are helping or hurting.

Also, as they are doing the PT, they SHOULD be checking in on you every few minutes if not standing over you and you MUST tell them if you have any pains, or troubles as well as report the next mornings any new pains, etc. This helps them as they create and revamp a schedule for you.

Lastly, bring up your bad balance, etc. in the first PT assesment, this will allow for them to create a safer enviroment for you. (hopefully). For me, they always had a P. Therapist in the pool with me, becuase i had such bad balance already last Fall, and they knew of my terrible balance (becuase i told them) that i could fall and hurt, or drown myeslf in that little pool. Grin.  So perhaps they can modify it, some PT'ers use specialty walking equiment, etc. for bad balance because they do see a lot of it. Also, to help them out be sure to clue them in on anything that you have that they may not pick up on in first sight... such as that bad balance, any high blood pressure, insulin pumps, etc. becuase that's very important.

Hope this at least maybe made sense, as my brain is still VERY empty and strange and fuzzy feeling from the killer head-ache.

Hugs, and good night!
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ooo... I forgot. Becuase this is PT for your lungs, they SHOULD be doing some type of lung functioning tests during or throughout your PT to see if this is helping or hindering your asthma, as well as monitoring your oxygen.

And, they NEED to set you up with a peak flow meter, as well as a "stop-light" plan that will help you monitor you lung volume on your own, and it will help you prevent attacks by allowing you to treat any problems or decreases in lung volume before they become a major problem or asthma attack.

Grin- I've had really bad asthma for the last ten years (since I was ten) so i've had some expereince and the peak flow meter is my best friend, i can actually tell when i'm going to get sick becuase my lung volume starts dropping....

Hope they've done this for you, it's a great tool and can prevent ER trips, and helps the Dr.'s when you go in, you can hand your peak flow chart to them and they can treat you accordingly with the correct meds.

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I can't give you any better advice than Sunny already has.  Just be careful on the treadmill and make sure someone is standing there with you.  Don't won't you to lose balance and fall!!

I'll be thinking of you and sending prayers your way.

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I wrote a really good response and then my laptop puked up its guts and died !  So let me try it on my regular computer -
Back in the spring when I was only a heart attack patient and had not considered MS as possible, I started doing more exercise, including using my husband's treadmill in the basement.  Picture the Jetsons and the opening scene with George caught in the loop while Astro the dog is watching .... that was me.  I went backwards off the blasted machine, limped upstairs, where my husband said "was that thump I heard you?"  I've stayed off the treadmill ever since.  I did notice in the month or so that I used it when I stopped by brain was throwing all sorts of signals that I was dizzy, off balance, could almost swear I was going to faint. MY BP never got that high because I never walked that fast, so I now think it had something to do with the jarring of my brain while I was on the treadmill  - all the bouncing and  the jarring of my vision.  

These days I stick to walking on firm ground.
When you walk on the treadmill be sure to hold onto the handles.  

Good luck with the new exercise plan,
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Treadmill will have hand rails that you can hang onto.  This will help.  Also I'm sure they'll start really slowly. And tell them about your balance issues.

Good luck!
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So, howd' the assesment go? I'm not sure of all the time-zones... but let us know when you finish if it went ok. :)
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