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Experience with Cymbalta or Lyrica?

I'm wondering if any of you have experience with Cymbalta or Lyrica....

Why was it prescribed - what symptom was it supposed to work for?

how long did it take for it to begin working with your pain?

Did you have any problems with side effects?

Anything else you can add?

Thanks for your input,
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I was prescibed Cymbalta for nerve pain (I think the Dr. was thinking fibromyalgia to be honest) & it did help some with the pain but not with the spasms or my other mobility issues or bowel & bladder sx but I guess it wasn't supposed to help with those. I took it for a little over a month, I was told it takes a month to get in your system properly. The side effects were: nervousness & felt shaky. it made my insomnia way worse even though I took it 1st thing in the morning. I personally didn't find it beneficial but I know others here have. I took Lyrica for 3 weeks & wanted to sleep all the time but, I probably didn't give it a fair chance. I was thinking of trying the Lyrica again due to my insomnia issues. I hope this helps some!! Take care!!
I was prescribed 20 mg for fibro (nerve pain from it).  I was to take for two weeks and then increase to 30.  The 30, gave me a sodium taste and cuts on my lips.  I reduced back to 20.  I had severe vertigo and reduced again.  Once we found the medicine to fix the vertigo (visteril), it has a potential drug to drug reaction, so I stopped cymbalta.  Now that I am away from it, I can say this 1) it effected my cognition.  It did this from the start, but i pushed through it...however with the vertigo, my inability to think clearly, was intensified.  2) It definately did help with my wide spread back pain and the numbness and tingling (as those are back with a vengence.  Ever person is different, I have always had strange reactions to drugs......
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Not Cymbalta but I take Lyrica.  

Rxd for neuropathy, both the pain and the paresthesias.

i started at 50 mg 3x daily then it was increased to 100mg 3x daily.

I had no problems with the 50 mg dosage, no sleepiness, feeling of being high etc.  When it was raised to 100mg 3x I had to titrate up.  I was stoned for lack of a better word.  So I did the 100 at bedtime, 50 for the other two.  Then I added the one in afternoon after I had accomplished all driving etc.  Finally the last and I am having no side effects.

Yes it lowers the pain etc.  It is like you don't know how much until you are not taking it.  I tried that and I don't recommend it to anyone...lol

My weight stabilized for 2 months.  The third I had gained another 2 pounds.  How much is the weight and how much is all the sitting driving to dr appts and waiting to see the doc I don't know.

I do know on the neurontin I was gaining every month. .. 33 ils in 14 months :0(

hope this helps terry
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Thanks for the responses - this isn't for me, but for another forum member who is trying to weigh her options.

yes, this does help.
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I have taken Cymbalta for over a year.  It was prescribed for Depression.  It has really helped my depression.  I have noticed it helps some of the minor pains I have.  I still have the major spasms, etc.  

I took Lyrica at one time.  It didn't help at all with the pin prickling sensations at all.  As a matter of fact, I think it made them worse.  I was working at the time and couldn't hardly function.  I was always sleepy with it and walked around like a zombie.  Lyrica works for some people and I was not one of the lucky ones.

Hope this helps
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I was prescribed Lyrica to help with my muscle pain. I have a lot of pain from the spasms/spasticity that I get. They tried me out on a low dose at first. It didn't seem to do anything. They upped the dose...and still nothing. I didn't have much luck with Lyrica. I gained weight on it as well.

They tried me on Cymbalta for pain as well. I was started on a low dose at first. I noticed within the first day I was on the medication I felt nauseated. I felt like I was going to get sick..but never actually did. I felt like this all day!. When I stopped the Cymbalta on the weekend, the nausea went away. I just couldn't tolerate the medication even at a low dose.

I'm currently on Neurotin for pain. It seems to work for me and at least take the edge off.
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I have been taking it for quite awhile and it was prescribed for depression and I was told it will help some with pain.  

You know with this memory I can't remember exactly what it did, it did help with depression and pain and i can't remember what else but whatever it did for me, i have been raving about it for a long time.

Before my diagnosis they dubled it and I felt it almost right away...

hugs, meg
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