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Eye Problem

Hi Everyone,

I have not posted for a while, I am hoping someone can help. I had a problem with my left eye. I lost vision in it every thing went opaque grey, as the vision came back I had a small letter box shape in the middle which was clear and everything around this was blurred. Gradually all came back to normal. There was no pain and the whole thing only lasted a couple of minutes.

I mentioned it to my Dr and he referred me as I think there was concern that I had had a TIA but all the tests for this have come back as normal.

So I am trying to work out what has happened and whether it is neurological related, as it does not sound like ON.

Any thoughts would be great fully received.

Best wishes

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Hey babe,

Sorry i've been trying to work this one out and i just can't come up with anything other than a larger piece of the jelly coating the eye doing it's sheddin.....i'm not on my game at the moment so i can't give you all the technical details but it's related to the same thing that causes floaters if that helps.

How you doing otherwise?

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Thanks. Serving I think best describes how I'm doing.
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The other thing that comes to mind is a migraine, but I think JJ has the right idea.
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Thanks. My GP suggested it could be a migraine. Though I have never had one before.
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Migraines can start at anytime in life. There are atypical ones with symptoms you would not think of as headaches. I go numb on my whole left side and lose sight partially or all the way in my left eye. Sometimes without any head ache. When I take migraine medication the symptoms clear up.

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