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FEver blisters and canker sores along with a relapse

Has anyone experienced fever blisters AND canker sores simultaneously with an MS relapse? I've read the literature on both types of sores . The fever blisters (herpes simplex I) can be triggered by stress so that makes sense but the canker sores at the same time is a new one for me.

What effect will tomorrow's round of IV steroids have on either or both of these lesions?

Any thoughts on this?

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Yes, I have, but the two aren't exactly simultaneous.  Fever blisters are actually reactivations of Herpes Simplex II.  Then they start, they start with a fast ramp-up of the immune system.  With some people, like me, a full viremia, with muscle aches, fever and headache go right along with them the first day.  This is more than enough to set off a relapse.

The steroid infusion might also have allowed the reactivation of the sores.

Canker sores - I'm not sure of their part in all of this.

IMO - the Herpes can be a potent trigger of a relapse.

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I haven't started the steroids yet, I begin in the am. Will the cold sore get worse?
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yep, for 24+ years i have had them since the first onlslaught. never put them together until a few years and reading on this forum. the va gives me medicine for them.

i can always tell they're on their way like after a real physical stressor(hiking in heat weather, etc) or the unconscience stress and sometimes for no reason.
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Thanks, at least I know I'm not the only one. Misery does love company.........:-)

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I think there is a correlation for myself about cold sores.

I don't get canker sores, but I get cold sores very frequently.  However, I don't get them usually on the lips. I get them on my gums or the roof of my mouth. I asked my neuro about this as one time, wondering if that set of my face pain.  She said it doesn't, but somehow I believe it does.

One time my PCP took a culture to see if it was a cold sore. The lab messed up and all he could tell me was it was not a cold sore, but wanted to check for shingles. The lost the test and he "thinks" it is the shingles virus.

I thought the 2 were the same thing. I never followed up again for another culture.  Not sure it is would matter anyway.

Good luck with the steroids today, and I hope your son is feeling better :)


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hate to say it but steroids cause herpes outbreaks.  When I started high dose steroids my dr prescribed an anti cold sore med I take daily as a preventative (famvir) I've had two small colds sores while on this med and (after a cycle of steroids) but they went away after two days.
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Don't the steroids depress the immune response?  If so, it would seem to make sense for a herpes outbreak to follow.

Michelle, it's a interesting possibility to think about a connection between your herpes and TN.  The cold sore virus and shingles virus are the same thing - sort of.  They are both Herpes virus.  I believe cold sores (Herpes simplex) are HHV1 and HHV2.  Shingles (Herpes zoster) and Chicken Pox (Herpes varicella) are caused by HHV3.

Since the Herpes virus likes to invade skin and nerve cells and then lie dormant until it is prompted to reactivate and cause lesions along nerve fiber pathways, I see how you envision the connection to your TN pain.  Add in postherpetic neuralgia as a complication of shingles and it would almost seem a no-brainer with your history of suspect oral sores.

You remind me of Lulu and myself when we voice our theories about a connection between our MS and heart symptoms.  The docs never say why it can't be but never give it serious consideration either.  We can only wonder and wait I guess.

An interesting aside -- My kids (both born pre-vaccine) had been exposed to chicken pox while playing with their friends several times.  They never got it themselves though until their dad broke out with shingles across his knee following an injury.  The kids showed symptoms within hours of each other even though I don't recall them being in very close contact with that knee.  It was miserable :(

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My sister-in-law has occular herpes.  She takes daily Lysine (I think that's what it is) to prevent outbreaks.  I wonder if that, or some of the Rx drugs they have now would help prevent an outbreak during IV steroid treatment.

Also wondering if you have noticed if your TN has any sync with your cycle.  It seems herpes likes to chum up with a woman's monthly rhythm.

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I had several canker sores going when I had my last relapse.  I'm not sure if the two are connected somehow, but if you body is under stress from a relapse, and mine sure was at the time, then it doesn't seem that far fetched that cancer sores would follow suit, at least in those of us who are suseptable (sp?) to them.  

I hope the steroids won't make things worse.  Ask the nurse when you go for your infusion.  

Hugs and more hugs,

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When I was in high school, I developed cold sores on my hips!  Very strange.  But I went to the doctor and was given a round of some drug (don't remember what it was) and haven't had a flareup since.
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Great discussion about the cold sores, and the various forms of Herpes virus.  Post-herpetic neuralgia invariably refers to outbreaks of shingles from Herpes zoster (varicella or chickenpox).  One has to be very immune supressed to have more significant problems from Herpes simplex.  I misspoke above when I said that cold sores are reactivations of Herpes simplex II.  More than 90% of them are actually from the simplex I.  I can't believe that I put "II" which is more often the genital herpes.  Please count it as a typo!!

I actualy doubt that the cold sores are the direcvt source of the TN, but rather a secondary possibility from the immune stimulation.

Yes, for people who have a difficult time with cold sores, it might be a good idea to get an anti-viral during high-dose steroid infusions.  For the most part though, even though the steroids are a potent immune suppressant, they see little of Herpes activations (either by simplex or zoster) after their use.

An outbreak of any viral infection (all the Herpes and otters) can lead to an MS relapse.  My neuro said an emphatic "YES" when I asked about the Shingles vaccine.

Jen - you had a outbreak of shingles, I have no doubt.

It is rare for a child to escape getting chickenpox when there has been a family outbreak.  Even when pople never had symptoms, you can usually measure antibodies to the Varicella zoster virus later.  Many cases are extremely mild or completely assymptomatic.

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I will soon be releasing my study on the relationship between relapses and otters.


Q  :))
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I look forward to reading your study!  Maybe this is the connection between my lifelong fascination with otters, MS diagnosis, and magnetic like draw to aquatic exercise?

"All the Herpes and otters"  Wasn't that a UK boy band?  Or was it a Disney flick?  Funny, I read it and never noticed.  I had to search to figure out what you were talking about.  LOL

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If they are caused by inflammation from stress the steroids should help. Sorry you are having a relapse.
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Alex- just letting you know that this topic only came back up on the boards because jaffreykane was advertising a Dr's (?) herbal 'cure' all  remedy, this specific advertorial testimonial is all over the net in different medical forums, claiming cures for HIV, Cancer, Herpies, Lupus , arthritis etc etc - the offending post has been deleted now...cheers    
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