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FYI - an unexpected side effect of a med many of us take

Fortunately, the problem it causes is benign. Over the past few years I've developed three or four very small bumps on my forehead and temples. It was annoying and unusual for me. They were like pimples that just would never go away. I recently started seeing a derm for minor cosmetic concerns and asked about these bumps. Found out it's called sebaceous hyperplasia, a benign lesion caused by damage to the sebaceous glands.

Sun exposure is of course a contributing culprit due to the deep and lasting damage it does to the skin. Another common cause is aging, as these lesions typically start to show up in middle age due to slower cell turnover and slower recovery of damage such as that from the sun.

The derm was surprised to see I'd developed a few of these bumps as I am hyper vigilant  about sun protection. I mean over the top obsessed with it, SPF 50 with zinc oxide & titanium dioxide, plus more in my moisturizer and makeup, and I never leave the house without it on, yes even during Canadian winter. ;)   And because I use skin care products like AHA, BHA and Retin-A Micro, that increase cell turnover and stimulate collagen, again he felt that with this routine I ought to be avoiding this particular ravage of aging.

Then bingo, light goes on, he knows I have MS and asked if I'd ever been treated with corticosteroids. I said yes, a few times, told him doses and frequency I'd had, and he said that's the reason for these damn bumps. Who'd have thunk it? I'm so concerned about understanding serious side effects that I've never paid attention to benign ones.

Anyway just thought I'd share in case anyone has experienced something similar with their skin and wondered what the heck was going on. Fortunately they are cosmetically treatable via several methods. I chose YAG laser. Just had it done on Tuesday so hopefully it works. If it doesn't, I might try something else, or just live with it.
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If 'roids at 1000mg/day can relieve inflammation but cause bumps, I'll take the texture :-)

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I use Lantiseptic for my Cancer rashes.

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