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Face swollen extremely painful

Hi Guys sorry not been in touch for so so long, just learning to live with this ms monster etc etc..

Ok my problem is i awoke 10 days ago to an extremely swollen right side of my face - i went to GP and was given 2 x different antibiotics taking 3 x of each a day for a week.. I now have finished the course and adjoining rt side of my nose i can feel a big lump - its so so painful - hard too.. like between my cheek and jaw.. no absess visible or tooth problem - cant visit dentist until pain reduces cant bear to touch my face.. Coincidentally i started on rebiff a month or so ago 3 x injections per week..  Has anyone else ever had swollen face as part of Ms ?????  

Ouch !!!!!  Jan xxxxxxxx
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What did the dentist think Jan?

I'm confused by your GP.  If she is sure it's an abcess it would seem the "big dose" of antibiotics didn't take care of it and you may need a longer course of them.  Or maybe it needs drained?  How about an x-ray or scan to confirm what's going on if there's still no improvement.

I'm with Lulu in doubting this is MS or Rebif related but concerned it could set off a pseudo-exacerbation of MS symptoms.  I hope you aren't prone to TN pain.  This sounds bad enough and I can't imagine how you are managing to eat, talk and breathe (you know, the simple things of life).

Do hope you are feeling better by now.
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Hi guys thank you for the response - went back to GP this morning and she said i cannot have more antibiotics as i had big dose of them last week.. She still insists its an absess so i called the dentist on way home.. They will see me on friday morning fingers crossed my swelling goes down before then as i cant imagine what pain i will be in if the dentist prods and pokes about inside my mouth OUCH!!!!!   lots love jan xxx
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Jan, this sounds horrible.  I hope you listened to everyone and plan to get back to the doctor immediately.

I can't imagine that what you are describing could even be remotely linked to your MS.  However, if you have an infection going on, it could very well throw you into a pseudoexacerbation.

Good luck with the doctor/dentist and here's to feeling better,
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I'm not sure if what i'm dealing with is the same type of thing or not but earlier this year the right side of my face swelled up in response to my itchy face patches. The biggest one is from the (right side) bridge of my nose to nostrel and continues under my eye and over my cheek bone. The other one is smaller and on the left side, lower down next to my mouth and just under the lower lip.

It starts with the itch, eventually the skin reacts with a small hard lump like the pour is swollen, these lumps multiply, they sort of look like blind pimples but they arnt lol If the itch doesnt settle within a few days the itchy patch really swells up and distorts my face. ohh like quazie moto lol The last stage is when the reverse happens and whats left is really dry until it disapears and then it starts again. The itch is there all the time but when it wont stop for those few minutes at a time, its like being stung from the inside and it just goes haywire!

My GP hadn't seen anything like it before, he pushed his thumbs into my face trying to find the tooth or nasal issue to explain my swollen face. He could of hit me with a hammer and i wouldn't of felt anything, lol its looks really odd and feels horrid. Heavy hitting antibiotics, steroid cream to releave the itch (ps it doesnt touch it) and antihystamine and it settled down but i went into a full relapse so i'm not sure if any of that helped or if it was my immune system was too busy working on something else instead lol.

His conclusion is its an over reactive immune response to the itch, which makes sense considering i've got other over reactive immune responses that happen. Oh i find cold packs reduce the swelling and reduce the itch, though its only temperary.

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Adjoining right side of your nose, right?  There's a sinus cavity right there.  It sounds like it's gotten infected.
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You need to go to the doctor right away. It sounds like cellulitis to me too.
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hi there can you get a boil on inside ??? its near bone of jaw by feel inside though not out if you get me xxxx
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That sounds like an infection of some sort - possibly a boil that now needs to be lanced.  I would go back to the GP right away!
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