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Figured Out Best Answer

As many of you know, I had been very sick and away from the forum for quite some time.

Last week, I just figured out how to select the best answer. I don't remember that being there before.

So, for all of you that have responded to my questions and I didn't select a best answer-I truly apologize.

Frankly, I wish there was a way to select more than just one best answers, because I've gotten great answers to so many of my questions, so I am stumped as to how to choose a best.

And choices are not my best forte, these days.

The MS has affected my brain, and my MS Specialist did see improvement in my tests on May 7th, and she said it will continue to improve.

Love All Of You,
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that's a good one Jensequitir.  It is like Yahoo answers, in a way.  LOL
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Best answer is very useful if you have a bunch of kids participating, like with Yahoo Answers - but even then they'll just rate the ones they find funny.  
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Yes, that makes sense, so I am not picking a "Best Answer" again.

I feel, my old friends on the forum, know that I value each of their answers.

I wish they would just remove the "Best Answer" thing. It doesn't help us, at all.

Thank you-in some ways I am feeling better, but my digestive system is really getting bad. I couldn't get an appt. with my G.I. Doc until 7/31.

So, I am trying to be very careful about what I eat, and it is trial and error.

We are going camping today until Thursday, and it is really hot, so I suspect, I am going to be inside the travel trailer with the A/C running, but it will be nice to be away.


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I think a lot of people here see it that way and only the fairly new posters are using it, thinking they should pick one.  As you know, we often have questions that get answers that evolve.  Each response buids on the previous one.  When you pick 'best answer' it bumps a copy of that answer up directly under the question and can make no sense if it isn't in context with the other answers.  I hope that makes sense.

It's great to read the doctor sees improvement on your tests and I hope you feel that way, too!
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Hi, Lulu.

I didn't notice, but I don't pick a best answer when I get a lot of great answers either. I don't know why we need to pick a best answer when so many people give great advice.


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Hey, Sheila.  You might notice that almost no one selects a best answer for that very same reason.  It is sometimes impossible to select a best one.
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I hope you're feeling better....
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