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Finally had the courage to get the LP

Just thought I would post about my experience with the Lumber Puncture.

I have been putting it off for a couple of years because I was fearful of having it done.  My last relapse affected my ability to pee.  I had trouble starting and couldn't maintain a stream. The only way I could go for 3 weeks was by straining. Hence on the neuros request I finally gave in and had it done...hoping it would provide some answers.

The actual experience was not that bad. My fear of it was the worst part of it. I had it done yesturday and my goodness......my back hurts something bad today.  With out pain relief I would have trouble moving.  And so far...no dreaded headache.

So I would say the sore back afterwards  would be the worst part.  It was a very sucessful tap, straight in no problems, and took about 25 mins from start to finish.

Results only take 2 or 3 days including oligoclonal banding . They also took the bloods. So maybe I will hear tomorrow or Thursday. I hope he rings me and I don't have to wait for an appt to find out.....that could mean weeks.

Basically a positive tap will mean a dx of MS for me.  A negative one means no DX and more limbo land. 6 years and counting.

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Congrats on summoning your LP courage! If he doesn't call by day 3 you could call him on day 4 :-)
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There is nothing fun about LP's!LOL  But they sure give lots of good information.  I hope you find out something.  It's no fun to be in "limboland" either.  Wishing you the best and look forward to hearing the results.  Hoping the soreness gets better also!  Many thoughts your way!
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Can we make you our new poster child for LP's and how they are not so bad?  It's great to hear you had this done - now on with some answers!
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Hi Mistylee,

Long time, no see. Glad you went ahead with it, and I hope the results reveal the culprit :)

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glad you decided to proceed with this test and that you had no complications from it.

I am puzzled though why you say a neg LP necessarily means no DX.  I positive LP does not rule out MS.  Though I had elevated proteiens, I had no O-bands.  My clinical history and MRI were sufficient to dx and treat me.  

Is your neuro taking into account this most recent neurological attack as further meeting the McDonald criteria?  Positive CSF is not a requirement where other criteria are met.
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Good for you, the fear of the LP is far worse than the actual procedure. I agree about the backache though, the next day I had a whopper of a backache. Thankfully it went away fairly quickly. I hope the LP will provide some answers for you.
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Not sure why the latest relapse isn't helping in the dx. He doesn't give much away but because I'm not showing any new signs for him he isn't sure.
Also before the last relapse I needed another sign to fulfull the mcdonalds or  a positive LP as I haven't had any new lesions show up in 6 years.

Actually I don't know. Just hoping he can finally decide whats wrong and I am no longer left wondering.

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  Wishing u all the best.   I think that an Lp is just a small part of the puzzle.  So, there is many other pieces in that puzzle that need to be included to makevthat puzzle all fit.  I wish that is was that easy to get an Lp and have a doctor say you have ms or u don't.  I think if that was true many of us wouldn't be here searching for answers.  

I do know that there is so many people on this site who have had a Lp and still doesn't have answers.  

Be be patient and enjoy every minute of what life has to offer.

Take care
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Great to hear from you again Mistylee!  You know we worry when people go missing for a while.  We always hope you're feeling fine and living strong but know that isn't always the case.  Besides, weather disasters seemed to zone in your part of the world for a while and give extra cause for concern.

So we'll be waiting with you to hear the results.  DV is right about your diagnosis not needing the LP result.  Of course sometimes a doctor does!

So glad that the test went well.  I had some backache but it was hard to tell if it was worst than my usual.  They had me use cold or heat applications or alternate the two but no extremes of either.  Then I slowly stretched it out at regular intervals so it wouldn't get stiff.

Hope this pain subsides quickly and leaves you with nothing but answers.
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