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Finger Pain

Hope everyone is feeling their best today :)

It's been a while since I've posted... and disappointed to say my behavior has been to post only when something confusing in happening.
It may have been a couple years now, but since then I have happily graduated college, improved my marriage, gone on disability and acquired a few hobbies.  Hooray for good news ;)

I haven't had much in terms of relaps, but have been tested for all forms of arthritis due to hip pain which we have determined is MS related.

Today, I have been experiencing something completely new -- even though I am a now 6yr veteran of MS and consider myself highly educated on the instances that can occur... I'm confused about this pinky joint pain that came out of no where, overnight, and feels painful and bruised.  Has anyone else experienced this or something similar?

I understand carpotunnel doesnt effect the pinky... and my pinky feels really cold and slightly numb.  I've taken advil this am, and hoping it will be gone before 24hrs, but plan to call the dr (of course) if not.

I'm trying to find other instances of it related to ms...

any thoughts?

Thanks in advance
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Hi MP Welcome back.

If they can't find a physical cause of your finger pain, like arthritis or dislocation or tendonitis, you may be sufferering from neuropathic pain. It's what happens when the pain centers that control vaious badiy parts get bad messages sent along MS damaged pathways,

I have it in my feet. There is nothing wrong with my feet, no sprains, no breaks etc. But without meds they can feel like someone just dropped a bowling ball on them.

It's worth a call to your neuro in any case.

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I am sorry you are experiencing this. This sounds just like what I experience. I am not saying that is what is going on with you...but here is my symptoms:

Last summer I woke up one day with pain and stiffness in ALL of my fingers, both hands.  I let it go on for about 2 months and the symptoms continued to progress. I mentioned it at my next neuro appt.

Over the course of about 6 weeks I lost my grip strength. I couldn't squeeze toothpaste, open water bottle, door knob etc.

My neuro was sure I had carpal tunnel, so we did the testing for that. It was negative.  So it was eventually determined to be spasticity.  I take a muscle relaxer which helps, but it is present every day and some days more bothersome, like all MS symptoms are.

I think it is worth investigating.  Good luck.

p.s. and YES my MS symptoms are bilateral and always have been.

Good luck
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