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Fingers, upper lip tingle while *walking*

I totally forgot this wacky thing when walking last year. Went out for my first walk of the season today. Boy what 15 minutes of hills can do to me. (I live in a hilly area, can't avoid it.)

My fingers and mouth were seriously bothering me,tingling enough to cause me concern....but it was my legs doing all the work!

What is the connection here????

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Hi Suz!

I really can't say what's causing these things, but I just wanted to ask you how your breathing was while you were walking?  I mean, were you short of breath or anything?
There could be so many reasons for this to happen and obviously, I'm not a doctor...LOL
(IF I was, I could give myself a dx! hehe)
Do you keep yourself well hydrated?  Also, what kind of things have been ruled out for you as far as "blood work" goes??

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Well, yeah, I was breathing hard. But that was the uphill part. When I'm walking elsewhere that is flat, this isn't a problem. It's the exertion that brought it on.

I totally forgot that this has happened before! And I always thought it was the strangest thing. But I never was one to go for walks in the summer because I'd get dizzy-ish or out of breath or have to rest. I am no fun for others. :-( But I want to get my girls out of the house, plus it's just good cheap fun.

(I saw a beautiful blue moth! and skunk cabbage! and peeling bark on the birch trees! and red branches on a bush! and! and! I love nature!!)

Anyway, yes, I do try to keep hydrated. Whenever we do yardwork or go ice-skating, I *always* tell the kids to have a glass of water to drink.

So, Dr. Tammy, whaddya say?

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Me and my BIG mouth....hehe...."Doctor Tammy"...hahaha--NOT

I was kinda hoping that others might chime in here and offer some suggestions as well.  
I do know that there are several reasons for the lip tingling thing (not sure about the fingers), but one of them could very well be because of the "out of breath" thingy...
I can't remember what the technical name for it is right now, because I have CogFog at the moment...(at all moments, lately)
BTW, the moth, cabbage, peeling bark thing made me smile from ear to ear!  I keep forgetting how beautiful it is outside.....
What about the blood test question, Suz??
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when i go for a walk my hands begin to  tingle too.this started last year.This past week I went for a walk and the tingling started.I brought my hands up and noticed they were also molted colored, so i'm thinking its a ciculation issue?i think ive had the lip thing too, but not this past time,the lip thing i would think its a breathing/oxygen issue?
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Tammy: Sorry, forgot to answer the blood question. I have had CBC, thyroid, Lyme, sed rate, B12, everything come out fine. Except the ferritin was low, the MS neuro thought I would benefit from iron 2x per day for 3 weeks. This is my last week, and it hasn't changed anything noticeable. I will get the followup blood work on that next week.

Humming: I didn't look at my hands, don't know why I didn't think of that. I was told I have Raynaud's, but for me it isn't white or blue hands. It was vivid red hands while shoveling snow. I think I'd read that it was the capillaries in my fingertips having spasms. Can you say ouch?! It would hurt so bad I would cry. But this tingling is different than the Raynaud's pain.

The thing that has me wondering is this happened while walking, not while using my hands!

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Hi!  My mouth dropped open when I read your post.  I have had the same thing happen to me many times.  My husband and I visit the mountains in Virginia several times a year, and when we are hiking, my fingers almost always get tingly, sometimes my lip, but it's usually only my upper lip, and when I stop walking , I seriously think I will fall over - SO dizzy!!  Do you mind me asking how old you are?  I'm 32!!

Take Care,
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