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Flickering light

I have not had a computer in almost 3 weeks.  Sorry that I have not posted in a while.  Anyway,with my last exaserbation in June, I developed something new....I see flickering light.  It is as if the light source was behind a celing fan.  It is there evenwhen I close my eyes.  Thankfully itdoes not lastlong, it comes and goes every hour or so.  I was just wondering if anyone else had thisproblem.

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Yes, I have had that--with my last ON attack.  You probably should see an opthamologist.

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I wanted to say that its good to see you!  So, is your computer back, or are you using someone else's?  Hope you'll be around more.

I haven't had the flickering light; just a kind of jittery vision, especially when I'm first waking up or really tired.

I think that seeing an opthalmologist is a really good idea.  I would report such a thing to my neurologist, too, if I had one.  Hopefully I'll have one in a few months.  Luckily, I haven't had any new symptoms.

Take good care of yourself,

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Hi Opie,

Welcome back.  Will you be calling the Dr.?
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I have the flickering light-just as you described.  I had a biopsy done this week, ordered by  my rheumatologist, for Giant Cell Arteritis.  It a condition of inflammed arteries in the brain.  If it doesn't turn out that I have that, I'm calling my neurologist to see if he will recommend a neuro opthomologist.  Did I get that right?  My opthomologist told me there was nothing wrong with the optic nerve, but my neurologist did say that there was a problem.  Please get it checked out, Charley.
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I remember telling the nurse when I made the appointmentonthe first of June,but i can't remember if i specifically told the dor. I know that is bad....when I am "on a trip" (as we say) I don't remembertings too well. My neuro is an opthoneuro.  I see my regular neurologist next month.  I will be sure to tell her.  It went away with the steroids in June, and it has only been back when I was extreamlytired last week.

OUr computer is back; they had to wipe the hard drive clean.  They said that the mother board is on its final legs.  I am backing up anything important.  We are trying to sell the house and don't really have enough time to look for another one.  I really don't want to let go of the mony too......

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That's exactly the first sx that I ever had.  Last July after a hot day and run.  Followed by hand numbness.  LIke you said, doesn't last long.  NO pain, neuroopth said no optic neuritis.  Still occasionally have it or a flashing light in left eye.  Always in left never right.  
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I am happy th hear that someone else has had this.  Sorry, for you though!  If I read for a long while this happens too.  
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