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Floods in Australia

I just wanted to check in, since there are a few other Aussie MS'ers here. We're in Brisbane, 2km from the floodwaters, but our house is on a hill and we will stay high and dry thankfully. Hopefully our other QLD community members are also safe right now.
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I'm glad to hear from you - I did a shout out for our OZzies in another thread and heard from JemmAus and udakas but we have several of you who haven't checked in.


Thanks for letting us know you are high and dry.  The pictures tonight continue to worry me for all of you downunder.  The equivalent of a tidal wave is what they showed hitting and they were talking about the water moving on to Brisbane.  

stay safe,
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I just did a quick count and we have had more than 100 Aussies join here  - of course not all are active but there should be more than 3 of you checking in.  I hope we hear soon from others that this flooding has not affected them either.
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well....Udkas is currently on holidays in Queensland, where it's all floody.

I lived up there for 5 years, just returned to the Sane South (as I call it) 12 months ago.  Firstly understand that Qld is 666876 square miles, so  about 3 times the size of Texas. 75% of Qld is flooded.

Most of Qld is underpopulated / rural / outback,  and the towns that have been flooded up until now have faired quite well, considering.

But in the last 48 hours that changed with a major flash flood occurring in Toowoomba, a rural town in the mountains west of Brisbane. There are lots of deaths and dozens missing from that area.

Youtube clip


That water has moved east into the Lockyer Valley, destroying a few small towns:


That water has now moved east again and is in the Brisbane river system. The cities of Ipswich and Brisbane are facing their worst flooding sincethe 1890s.


My entire  extended family live up there, all are ok though at this point. At least the water is rising slowly giving people time to evacuate.
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thanks for the links.  I think this gives others a better idea of what we are talking about -I'm going to copy your post over to the other Aussie flood thread too so everyone sees this.

  stay safe, Lulu
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It really worries me that I see people standing so close to the water.  I have watched a number of these videos.  Please stay safe!

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