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Flu Season and a Poll

The news tells us the Flu Season is upon us with a vengeance this year and is going strong in all 50 states.  Whether to get the flu vaccine or not has been debated here every time flu 'season' rolls around and if you are interested in reading more of the varied perspectives, I will find an old thread to bring to the first page and give the link here.

In the meantime, I really am curious as to what you decided this year about getting the vaccine and would like to know - please feel free to add comments for more insight because a simple poll usually doesn't tell the whole story.
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I got the vaccine back in late September.  My PCP defers to my Neurologist as to whether I should get it or not.  He has mixed feelings about it for people with MS and left it up to me. Because of my mixed medical history, I think it is important for me to get this added protection.  I work on a college campus, a true hot bed of all sorts of germs and HR offers it for free during a wellness fair.  I have gotten it every year that it is offered.
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I really don't have a good excuse for not getting my flu shoot this year.

They are available every  it seems, Walgreens , CVS and many other locations in my area,  or my PCP  only  charges  I think $25.

Its still not to late,  I'll  think it over a bit,


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I am not getting the flu shot...

It may only be a coincidence but the last flu shot I got was in 1980. I got the flu not long after the shot....

Haven't had the flu since! I am leaving well enough alone!

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Not diagnosed, so I don't know if my reply will skew things. I was advised by my regular doctor and my neurologist agreed that it would be good for me to go ahead and get vaccinated, so I did. No Ill effects... I had it done in early fall and so far (knock on wood) I haven't gotten the flu. Lol, with all the other craziness with my health, the flu is the last thing I need! ;)
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My mom is in the hospital with the flu. I have not had the vaccine in years and I wont be getting it anytime soon. I am on tysabri and have mixed feelings about getting it. I cant visit my mom but its ok she should be home today and will see her when she is better.

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Yes got it in Sept.
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have never had the flu and with my sensitivity to drugs (just had a bad reaction to the shingles vaccine, don't want to even "go there"
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I didn't get it last year or this year.  Generally my exposure is low, though I did travel to Asia last month, caught a cold, had me in bed for a copule of days but didn't develop into anything major.  I probably won't bother, more out of laziness than anything else.  I have gotten it in the past.  Havent had the flu in years, shot or no shot.
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Got the shot beginning in the 90's, when I was a volunteer in a prison hospital.  Figured that was about the riskiest place in the world for picking up germs (I've since learned of worse).  PCP at the time said it was a good idea, and observed that I also spent a lot of time among elderly in those days, and should consider the risk I could carry to them if I opted not to be vaccinated.  I still do lots of handshaking, and visit hospitals and nursing homes perhaps a bit more than the average bear.

I've not had the flu since.  Colds from hell, a few migraines one summer, kidney stones, whatever it is that brought me here, food poisoning at least twice, a bout with something they called "non-hepatitis hepatitis" (No, I did NOT make that up), and Lord only knows what else, but no flu.
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I get the shot every year.  This year I checked with my PCP first, who strongly recommended it.  Haven't had the flu in a long time.  Battling a cold now, but I suspect that's more from traveling where it was 80 degrees to where it was 16 degrees.  Should have taken airborne.
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I got mine in October.  Back in 2007 I had a terrible relapse after a bad bout of the flu.  So, from now on I plan to get the flu vaccine- just in case.  
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My doc says Tysabri and flu shots are not a good mix.
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I follow my Neuro's and my GP's recommendations and get the flu shot every year now, since diagnosis almost 3 years ago.

In Canada it's free to seniors or anyone with chronic health issues, as well as other who fit certain criteria, and in my rural area they hold a flu shot clinic at a local hall, so no real reason for me not to get it.

I haven't had the flu in many years, but why take the chance?

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Interesting mixof replies here - this is just out of my own curiousity.  I am on tysabri and had no problem with getting the shot.  The last time I had the flu - the real thing and not just an inconvenient virus - was 1981.  My daughter was an infant and all I could do was be in bed with the lights off for about ten days, alternating my thinking that I was going to die or wishing I would.

I know the vaccine works by altering out immune system, but it doesn't cause the flu - just a reminder that the vaccine is not a live virus - the nasal mist is a live virus and should never be taken by someone with MS from what I know.

My parents are elderly (90's) and the flu to them could be deadly.  I also have very young grandchildren who could be very ill from the flu. I figure it is important for me to get the vaccine to protect them and the rest of the herd.  There's an intersting chart on herd immunity at wikipedia if you are interested in the numbers -


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I'm with you Laura.  I've had three urgent visits to the emergency room in my life.  One was with my initial MS event.  Another was last year when my heart rate dropped to 29 (and I got a pacemaker).  The third was for influenza (honest-to-God-influenza).  Like you, I was exiled to a darkened bedroom where I moaned and offered death wishes for days.  

One bout with the Real Deal and I never want to risk it again.  Tag on a relapse?  Ahh.... NO!

I also noticed the mixed result specifically when Tysabri was part of the equation.  Just another aspect of MS that must be individualized I guess.

So this year was no different than usual.  I had my flu vaccine with no problems - other than needing to delay it a few weeks after taking a round of steroids.  BTW, had a shingles vaccine in 2012 too.  Live vaccine there.  Again, no problems.
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I got two of them this year!
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Hi all-  I'm on Tysabri but got a flu shot before I started in Oct.  All  fine.  I asked my neuro about a pneumonia shot and she said as long as it is an injection with an INACTIVE virus, it's fine.  I don't know if that is an option w/ the flu shot?   That would make sense for all, I'd think.

(I'd like to start a thread, but don't have a clue how to do it.  Guess the explanation is that I am a gumbie!  LOL   =^-^=
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Hi! To start your own thread, first click on the Back to Community link on this page, then click on the orange Ask a Question button at the top of the screen.

Hugs and welcome,
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I am so sorry, the orange button says 'Post a Question."  ;)
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Welcome to this great little corner of the web.  Yes, the flu SHOT is not a live virus.  The nasal mist IS a live virus.  It is important to get the shot and not the nasal spray.  

This is a decision that has to be decided on a case by case basis and a blank statement doesn't cover this one - one size does not fit all!  

see you around,
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They were just talking on the Today show that 5-20% of the US population can expect to get the flu this year. That's a range of 1-in-20 people upward to one-in-five people will have the flu this year.  And sadly they also talked about an otherwise healthy high school football player who died from the complications.

For those of you still undecided about getting  this vaccine - it isn't too late. According to the CDC it takes about two weeks for our bodies to develop the immunity to the flu via this vaccine.
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It's a wretched flu season. I made the BIG mistake to not get the flu shot this year. I usually get it. And, did indeed got the flu. Luckily, I had went to the doctor due to a heavy feeling in my chest and got some medicine - which warded off major secondary infection/complications that typically come after or along with the flu.

I did not take the poll because the options only included a "no" that ended in won't, lol I definitely didn't get it, but only because I didn't take the time out to go get it :)
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Shell - you can be our poster child for the reason to take the flu vaccine.  Did the flu create problems with your MS?
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I also got mine back in September...   FYI people, you can still get vaccine!
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