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Flu Shot???

I am new to this site, I have responded on a couple of postings. I was diagnosed in March of this year, I just recently went off the betaseron and started copaxone. I am 42 and live in Virginia Beach, formally from Long Island, NY. My Mom was diagnosed with MS in 1970, she is doing well today at age 78, better then me some days. That is a brief summary of me, I am just wondering has anyone since being diagnosed gotten flu shots?? If so, does it cause any kind of flares afterwards?? Being that I also have manageable case of Asthma, when I get sick, I get sick, I haven't had the flu in several years, I had pneumonia 3 years ago and been good since, knock wood.
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We had quite the discussion about this last year, and previous years as well .  I hope you will go to this link and read the talk about the flu shot.  I will also bump it up for you to read.


Welcome to the forum - I'm thinking we haven't crossed paths yet.

And yes, I get my flu shot every year since I have been diagnosed.

I hope we'll see you around here often,
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Thank You much
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Michael, I also get my flu shot every year with no side effects and no flu afterwards.

I did notice a VERY slight increase in the reactions I had at Copaxone injection sites for about seven days.  I thought maybe that happened because the flu shot inspired my immune system to boot itself up a notch.  

I plan on getting the flu vaccine again this year.
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Thank you Mary for your response, I have an appt with my GP on the 19th and I am going to ask him for one.
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My MS doc definitely does not recommend her patients with MS getting flu shots.  She believes it increases the chance of flares.

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I have received a flu shot for the last ten years after my neurologist recommended it, without any side effects.
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I responded to the thread from last year but thought I would respond to yours this year.

Only rec'd flu shot once in my life and got very sick.  My neurologist recommends them but not strongly. Have not gotten one since my first about 6 yrs ago and don't intend on getting one again.

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National MS and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases bith recommend flue shots (not the nasal mist) for PwMS.  I have been getting flu shots annually since 1980.  Yes, you can get "vaccination sickness" from any vaccine, but you can not get the flu from a flu shot.  There is also no evidence that exposure to a dead particulate vaccine can cause an exacerbation.  

There is quite a bit of evidence that influenza is worse than vaccine sickness and that the fever from influenza can cause a pseudo-exacerbation. You can also be contagious and a public health hazard.  It is a risk vs. benefit issue.  The benefits of getting the flu shot far outweigh the risks.  Influenza can kill you or others in the community.  While a no one wants a flare, the risk of that is very low.  You should discuss this with your PCP, but the neurologist may have a slightly "myopic" view on this.

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Thank you Angela, Julie and Bob for responding, I very much appreciate your input. I am going to ask my GP for one when I see him on the 19th. I wish you all well and hope you had a great day
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