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Foot Pain and Multiple Sclerosis

Hey all! Hope everyone is doing well.

For about 24 hours I've had extreme pain in the heel of my right foot. I haven't really done anything different in my daily routine (no long walking/standing). I was making my way to my bedroom so I could get some sleep and I noticed the pain last night. It's been killing me, especially when I put pressure on it.

My question is could this be MS related? Or is it something I shouldn't worry about (unless it continues).

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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greetings from Malibu Calif.
12 yrs w/ MS, I also have Neuropathy.

I'm taking Copaxone like most, I also take Methadone for painful Neuropathy in feet.
My fatigue time is lengthening. I used to go all day, without resting.....
Those days are gone. Of course much like everyone. I'm a gal that as been active and I'm fighting to keep as active as possible.
Doc. Has prescribed Nuvigill which I take randomly. I really want something that can speed me up. I drink coffee but has anyone taken something that works?
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Hi kay and welcome to our little MS community :D

The reality with heel pain it could be MS related or something totally unrelated. Depending on what you actually feel eg burning, sharp-icepick, etc your heel pain 'could be' either directly caused by MS or if your gate is abnormal your MS could of indirectly caused a heel injury and on the other hand, heel pain is a common problem within the general population, so it could feasibly have absolutely nothing at all to do with your MS.

This lists common causes of heel pain, it isn't the best but it is very easy to understand and worth reading to give you some idea of what it might be....

I've been walking like a human string puppet since 09 and have a hard right heel strike, I lift the leg high to bring the foot through and as the muscles fatigue, the heel starts landing harder with each step. I'd had burning heel pain on and off for awhile but around this time last year, it got really really painful, making walking harder, i was falling more often and the pain was keeping me from sleeping.

I'd also just noticed an odd lump developing in the centre of the heel in the same place it burned etc and thought i might of got something embedded under the skin and crying uncle i ended up getting my heel pain assessed. I actually ended up having a few things going on, and my gate steppage was basically the direct cause and weirdly that little lump turned out to be 2 deep heel callus, which took around 4 months to remove.

I can't do much about the way my heel strikes but removing the calluses and making sure the shoes i wear always have a good amount of heel cushioning, i'm very happy to say that my heel pain is no longer an issue i have to deal with.......yeah!

You've only been dealing with this for 24hours, so i wouldn't be too concerned about what it could be just yet, it might be something that quickly resolves and isn't repeated, it may even be just a bruise and will soon go. I'd protect the heel, avoid heel contact to avoid repeatedly aggravating it if you can, try icing the area to numb it which sometimes helps, and see what happen's in the next few days........see your dr if it doesn't improve or only gets worse.


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I woke up one day and it felt as if I was walking on rocks. The bottoms of both feet hurt so badly that I had trouble getting around. It turned out that the bottoms of both feet were spasming and spastic. I  had specific spots on both feet where it was the worst - arch on the left and below the ball of the foot on the right.

So it's certainly possible that MS is causing your foot pain. Hubby rubbed and pounded on my feet and it really helped a lot, but we had to be careful, because it would also set off spasms.
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Hi KC -

I have MS related neuropathic foot pain. I take a combination of Elavil and Lyrica to keep it at bay.

If you were to examine my feet, looking for a cause of the pain, you would come up empty :-) But absent the meds they can hurt like a sunofabitch!

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Sometimes, drugs can be wonderful things ...  I hope they can find some relief for you soon,

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Thank you everyone! The pain has gone away... Although I have been keeping off my feet for a while. All your comments are really appreciated, so thank you all!
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