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Free Computer programs that help

My MS My Way recommended a program called sticky notes.  They are sticky notes for your computor.  You just use them on screen as opposed to having them lying and sticking everywhere.  I downloaded the free version yesterday.  I have been using them since and I do believe I am going to like them.  Mostly because I don't have to hunt for that note I wrote to myself :0)  Here is the address  http://www.freestickynotes.com/

The newsletter form MyMSMyWay also included an article about monies availble to fund Assistive Technology.  You can read this months column at http://www.mymsmyway.com/resources_tools/tech_connect.php  While there I would recommend you sign up for their newsletter.  I find it contains helpful and relative info.

Also I have downloaded a calendar program from vueminder.com  Here is a quick link to the download page  http://www.vuesoftsite.com/download/download.html  What I like about this program is you can set reminders to appear on your comp screen.  The lite version is what I have.  There is also a vueminder pro you can upgrade to.  They have a free 30 day trail for the Pro version and if you decide not to purchase it you can go back to the Lite version without losing any data.

I just thought I would share as I have found these to be very useful and I am all about making my life easier.

Have a great day,  terry
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I forgot to mention that for those of you who like jigsaw puzzles I have found a great online site.  I use it to brain train.  It is jigsaw.com  I have found my times after you get to 20 pieces my complete time is below average so I am working to get there.

I also like miniclip.com and merriam-webster.com  puzzles.

:O)  terry
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thanks for this info... we should get this on the "Health Pages" for links that would help out...

I think there is a section there for it??

maybe someone here can add them on.. I would like to use some of these, but don't have time at the moment and would like them available?

thanks again
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i just found sticky notes a few days ago, its perfect for reminders

These bits of info are so very helpful..

hugs, meg
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Thanks for the tip. I just finished downloading the program. Now if this works on the laptop I'll be able to safe the birthdays Right on my screen... How cool is this..

Just one more reason I love Our Group...

Have a restful, fun and relaxing week end...
Love & Hugs on the winds {{{{~!~}}}} DJ
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These Sticky notes are great. They are transparent so you can leave them posted, Now I really will be able to keep track of our Birthdays and won't have to look for the note pad, that always has to be searched for...

This is way too cool....

It takes a little thing like this to turn a rotten day into a nicer one...

{{{{~!~}}}} DJ  (color me smiling) ;-)

PS: I also love jigsaw Puzzles, I used them to wake up my brain after it was damage due to lack of oxygen...They are also good for eye-hand coordination.
You have really "MADE MY DAY"
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I am glad it made you smile.  I love my sticky notes also.  No more little slips of paper laying everywhere without rhyme or reason to the chaos and I love playing with the jigsaw puzzles.  I find it addicting.

Have a great weekend, terry
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