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I am lucky enough to be able to take this 8 week course given by my local chapter of the NMSS. It is two hours each week. We have a lecture and then PT. We have the MS PT students from UNC work with us one on one. They gear the course to people who can hardly walk all the way through people who do not need walk aids most of the time. The class is only $30 for the 16 hrs and they feed us. They gave us a great notebook with all kinds of information. I really like the PT exercises. One PT session for me is $70 so I happy to have this program. The other people in the class are really neat. They all have their own stories. I feel so fortunate to have a program like this.

I either have Mono or my cancer is coming back. The Cancer marker is rising and I just do not feel so good. Some of my lymph nodes are enlarged. The thing is viruses can raise the cancer marker. I am voting for mono. I never thought I would say "Dear Lord please let me have mono again".

My mood is good and I am making the best of everyday. I just do not feel like wasting time worrying. There is nothing I can do but rest either way. I have not been able to ride and I do miss Clara. I am still walking Grady, the puppy beast.

I hope everyone is fairing the best they can with what ever they have going on with their bodies. Uncertainty stinks.

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Alex, that's not the news any of us want to hear from you - my fingers (and toes!) were crossed that you were getting to springtime  as a new woman.  Keep focusing on the good, everyone!  Alex is our cheerleader and showing us the way.

hugs, Laura
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I am thinking of you and hoping and praying for a positive mono test!  The course sounds great!  
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"I either have Mono or my cancer is coming back...My mood is good and I am making the best of everyday"

Amazing, you are my hero :-)

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When I think I am having a down day all I have to do is read a post from you Alex and I stop feeling so sorry for myself!  You are an amazing person!  Thank you for being you!  

Praying that it is mono too!

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It is not Mono. All my tests came out good except cancer marker. The Doctor says I look great. We both think the cancer is starting slowly up again. It could be awhile before I have to do chemo again. No worries at this point. I am planning my 50th birthday party. I am going to have fun darnit!


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Too bad we all can't come to your birthday party, but we can have a virtual one here! Fifty is a milestone, after all.

When's your b-day? What food shall we have? What do you like to drink? What's your favorite music? Shall we have a theme?

I'll bring the ice cream and pizza. C'mon, folks, it's Alex's big five-O! :Let's have a party!!!


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Gosh darn, have a happy birthday!  and we'll all come!!!!!

party time......................alex's place
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My birthday is April 19th. It is my brothers too. We are not twins. I like all kinds of music.  I am all over the place. I have seen Gordon Lightfoot, Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Nanci Griffith, Daryl Scott, The Avett Brothers, Linda and Robin Williams, John McCutchen, Doc Watson, Ralph Stanley, Paul Simon, The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, The Chieftains, Peggy Seegar, Cat Stevens, Tony Bennett, the Kingston Trio, Mary Black, The Battlefield Band, Old Blind Dog, Cherish the Ladies. Taj Mahal, Leo Kottke, CSN and lots of celtic and bluegrass.

Coke is my favorite and boston cream pie. I love pizza!


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