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Gabapentin - any experiences

Hi Guys,

Just been told that I need to start on a painkiller and have been perscrbed Gabapentin just starting on 300mg at night and I am really interested in other experiences with it.

I am not sure if you use this in the US so any UK folks out there too please. I would like to hear success stories as well as any negatives so please not just negatives as drugs really scare me anyway after having so many adverse reactions in the past.

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Good morning over there.

I've been on Gabapentin for a couple of months, maybe a bit more.  Time sort of runs together; it's hard for me to say exactly without actually getting up out of my chair and going dowwn the hall to look at the Rx label.  It was prescribed by my neuro-ophthalmologist (maybe in April?) for the pain behind my eyes.  On our side of the pond, it is also known by the brand name Neurontin, but the generic form is readily available.

I was directed to take 300mg for 3 days, 600 for 3 days, then 900mg.  I understand that this is pretty typical.  However, after my 2nd day at 600, I felt as though it was really dragging me down.  After discussion with one of the nurses at one of the doc's offices, I backed off to the 300mg dose for a few extra days until my body adapted.  Then I went up to 600 again, but stayed there for two weeks or so before I was brave enough to try 900.  However, the move to 900 mg/day seemed less traumatic for me, probably because I had prepared for it and knew what to expect.

Overall, it now gives me no trouble at all, but I am taking all three capsules at bedtime, rather than spaced out through the day.  This is contrary to instructions, but I've been hesitant to mess with success.

Perhaps most importantly, it has made a huge difference in the level of pain I am feeling behind the eyes.  Lately, though, that problem seems to be creeping back up on me ever so slightly.  I'm not sure if the condition is worsening, or if I've developed a tolerance for the gabapentin.

Hope this helps.
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Hi Pat my name is Julie i too live in the uk. I have been using Gabapentin for nearly a year now started on 1- 300mg 3 times a day and have since been increased to 2- 300mg 3 times a day i have had no problems with this drug or dosage. Please dont be afraid 300mg is a relatively small dose. Hope everyone else that uses this drug gives you their feedback as mines is only 1 opinion. Take care hope you feel better when you start your treatment.

Best wishes
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To Pastor Dan,

Thanks for your help, I guess I am a real coward with drugs, I have had some nasty experiences in the past and ended up in A& E too often. Your experience sounds good as I have so much pain behind and around my eyes and generally around the head / neck too.

The pains can take all kinds of different courses during a single day for me. My MS Nurse thinks that it will work for the pain and the parathesias I have and so help me sleep which will help the fatigue. So here's hoping thank you so much for your encouragement which can be felt all across the sea ;)

To Julie,

Helloe to a fellow UKer - yep my GP said it was a very small dose to start with but I already told you I was a coward, she did say we would increase over time if I can tolerate it and that a dry mouth was often the only reported sx. My MS Nurse tends to fax the options to the GP so that she can perscribe and I then discuss with the GP too as the Nurse feels I need a long term relationship with my GP also - isn't that great?

Thanks to both of you for the positive bits as my searches only seemed to throw up the negatives or maybe that was selective. - lol

Be well both
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Hi there,
I have had Gabapentin for the last 8mths or so on a dose of 3 tablets in a divided dose of 300mg per day without any trouble, so total of 900mg per day.  I started gradually as everyone has told you and I did find that it worked well.  I then went off it all together for a while, you don't stop suddenly either and just recently because I am in a flare went back on it, I have now had to increase my dose to 1800mg per day and I did find to start with I was moosh brain and very sleepy but now my body has adjusted I am fine... I prob went in too quick with the new dose as I was wanting results... I have had some improvement but would like some more at the moment but who knows. over all i find gabapentin affective.

Udkas for Australia
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Thank you, nice to know it's worldwide, maybe I'll stop being such a baby now.

Has anyone gained any weight with it as being 3st over already I really don't want that. Although if I had to choose the pain or the weight gain I would take the latter.

Thanks again
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I was atttributing the ½-stone (;>{}) or so that I've picked up recently to other factors (like being generally more content, and thus having an appetite that allows me to eat more), but maybe there's been some effect from the drug, too.
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I was on Gabapentin for about a year I guess, maybe two.  That whole part of my life is a little fuzzy for me.  It was my worst episode ever.  I did have a little trouble adjusting to the Gabapentin at first.  I fell a lot for the first few days.  After that, I did really well with it.  I was taken off of it when my doctors started disagreeing about my care and then I moved out of state.  It helped me a lot with pain and sensations.  I did gain weight, but that was attributed to the massive amounts of Zoloft that they had me on and the bp medication they had me on lowering my metabolism.  I hope that you tolerate the Gabapentin well and that it works for you:o).
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Hi Pat.  I took Gabapentin for almost a year.  It was only d/c recently.  I had no sideeffects from the medication, i.e. cognitive confusion, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, etc.  I started at 100mg tid, then later moved to 300mg tid.  When they switched me to 300mg tid I had some of the 100mg capsules left, so I titrated my dos up over a period of about a week.  

I have gained wieght.  Last July I weighed a 124 lbs.  Now I weigh 149.  That is 25 pounds I have gained.  I complained to my doctor.  He spoke with the pharmacist.  She belived the gabapentin was responsible for my wieght gain.  I now take Lyrica, 100mg tid.

I was hesitant to take the Lyrica.  I hear horror stories about, including weight gain.  However, the Lyrica for me has been more effective and again I have experienced no side effects.

It is a hard choice to make.  I tried going cold turkey around the first of July.  That was not a good choice.  You can read about that experience in my journal or under the MS tracker, not sure where I put it :)

For me the relief from the pain out weighed everything else.  Also, I couldn't tell where my feet were in regards to their placement because of the buzzing when I tried to do without.  (that was horrible sentence structure but it is to much trouble to fix it..lol)   This made it difficult for me to walk.  

Just weigh your options and I am sure you will make the right decision.

Peace, love and joy,  

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Thanks all

I am concerned about the weight gain as I was already a couple of stone overweight - sorry thats about 28 pounds in US speak - until I had my last relapse and I have gained about another 10 since - lack of mobility and too much chocolate - take your pick!

I am being put straight on to 300mg in one dose at night - so maybe I can sleep through the side effects eh - lol.

Anyway I am off on vacation on Friday so that has added to my worry as I don't want side effects on hols but don't want the pain to carry on either - can't win can we.

I will take on board all advice and keep you posted.

They have told me it will stop the buzzing and tingling too which would be good.

Thanks for everyones help and encouragement

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I, too, have taken gabapentin. It worked well for the pain and pins and needles tingling. I was slowly worked up to 900 mg/day.  I did not gain weight on it. When Lyrica came out I was switched to that for better dosing...it has a longer half-life. Eventually the dose of Lyrica caused more brain fog than it was worth. When I stopped it I suppose it was during a remission because I didn't have any pain for several months.

I did not gain weight while taking either drug but do know others who have.

Good luck with your decision. I hope it takes care of the pain for you.

Enjoy your holiday.

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It helps to a degree. I take it at night because my system never adjusted to it during the day. Just too fogey for my head.

It did cause a bit of weight gain but not much. I still execise but it isn't consistent due to my body/mind isn't consistent at feeling weel. The exercise helps with the weight gain as does a good eating pattern. I'm 5'.8" 166 now, just a few pounds over what I prefer. I stopped gabapentin awhile back and went from 173  back 166.  so that gain i consider the gabapentin.

i just went back on it due to the pins/needles sensation and neuropathic pain. getting out of bed is even harder now that i'm back on it.

Good luck, give it a try and experiment with it and see if it benefits you and your quality of life.

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Thanks Ren and Ufrustrated2

Good advice - I had heard such bad things that you have all helped reassure me - so here goes.

Thanks to all for the help

Lulu is right you are all fab

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