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Gabapentin Question

I have now fully weaned off of Gabapentin. After several months of constant right arm pain - mostly in my deltoid - I now only have intermittent pain episodes. However, my hand and neck sensations of being swollen have returned to about 50% of their worst. My right hand dexterity has definitely declined again :(

I also have to note that I've been on vacation from my desk job for a week - so maybe it was all the computer work putting the strain on my arm? I have had to learn to mouse with my left hand, so at least I minimized that strain from my right.

Anyone else go off Gabapentin and have unexpected results? How long until it is fully out of your system?

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Hi Cheryl -
I don't know why you weaned off of gaba, but there are alternatives. It stopped working for the nerve pain in my feet and I replaced it with first Elavil and then a combination of Elavil and Lyrica. You may be able to find relief for your symptoms without gaba.

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I went on trileptal and had no side effects. I could not do gabenpentin.

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Hi Cheryl, if there is a way to have an ergonomic assessment done then that is an option to explore.

I had a year or so of bicep tightness/spasticity that was worsened with a lot of typing or writing. An ergo assessment gave me ways to sit more comfortably and place my arm and hand appropriately for my issues.

There are also different softwares that can help you with word recognition and that sort of thing. I understand it is not always easy to do these options at work though.

Sorry I haven't taken Gabapentin so I can't offer anything there.

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Sorry to hear that the symptoms have returned!  An ergonomic assessment sounds like a great idea!  I've been prescribed Gabapentin, but am so leary of taking it!    I've just recently seen a naturopathic doctor who is prescribing LDN.  I wonder if that is an option for you?  

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Thanks, all! It will be a good test when I return to work to see if the pain returns more frequently. The hand/finger problems are frustrating, so I will ask about alternatives. I just didn't like the gaba side effects.

Karen - keep us posted on how the LDN is going. I've read good things about its effectiveness.
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