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Gallbladder problems with Avonex?

Has anyone been told or know of reported Gallbladder problems and Pancreatitis?

Just wondering as I had emergency surgery this week to remove the Gallbladder, a bad bout of pancreatitis came with it.  The first ?? out of the surgeons mouth was -What MS Medicine do you inject?
He said he was just "noting" it for the records, but when I got home from the hospital a very large questionaire came from Avonex asking me to list all my medications.

I have been on Avonex for over a year now, so I curious if these meds can cause such problems?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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I am so sorry that you had this sudden attack and subsequent surgery.  How are you doing?

I don't think we have heard about this happening before.  Personally I am on copaxone, but we have quite a few here who are on Avonex.  I'm sure they will be keenly interested in what happened to you if it turns out to be the culprit.  

Did you report this to the people at Avonex or did the doctor?  Avonex will hopefully be right on this to see if it was related.  

Hang in there withe your recovery and hope you get some answers soon.

Take care.

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Thank you so much for the kind words. I am doing much better this week!  My neuro does want to talk to me next month about the bloodwork prior to the attack he reported it, and yes I am very suspicious that one of my meds is to blame.
If Avonex is partly to blame I will keep this forum informed. Next appt. late July.
But...all in all, we can't go backwards and blame we have to look ahead and smile!
That much I have learned in the past year.

Take care and thank you again!
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We haven't "met" before but I saw your update regarding emergency gall bladder surgery. So sorry to hear about that. I know that the pancreatitis you mentioned is extremely painful!.

Hope you mend quickly!

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I would be very interested in hearing what you all find out about with there being a connection between the Avonex and gallbladder problems.  As I mentioned earlier post, I am taking Copaxone, but it for some reason I have to stop taking it, Avonex would be my next choice for treatment.  I happen to already have a gallbaldder issue that I'm treating with changing my diet rather than surgery unless it gets worse like yours did.  If you guys come to a concensus about it, please let us know if you are ok with sharing that information.  It will certainly help me and maybe someone else in the same or similar situation.

Again, thanks for sharing this with us.  You couldn't get this kind of information shairng anywhere and we are lucky to have members who are willing to share what is happening with them.

Stay on the road to recovery from the surgery.  And, keep smilin'.

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Hi and thanks for the encouragement on the Gallbladder issues!  I am now fully recovered but I have to tell ya-I would not delay surgery no matter what.  I was eating mashed potatoes for 3 weeks to survive before the surgery!
It was nice to loose 21 pounds...but!
It is a quick, easy surgery and all laproscopic so I have 3 small incision marks (less than 1/4th inch) then  one small at the navel (abt 1/2 inch). And the good news is I can eat anything my heart desires!  LOL
Regarding Avonex and it's possible connection with the GB issues-I will find out next week.  Neuro doc has all the blood work from the last year and it will show high levels if the avonex caused it. I will keep you informed, but he did tell me Avonex has a tendancy to raise you liver enzimes.  Which to my ears means Pancreatitis at the least!

I know he will pull new blood levels which include liver, will keep you informed after I know for sure the outcome.  By the way-the rep's at Avonex will not leave me alone...lol  I refused to tell them anything until the doc tells me.

Please think about the GB surgery...one less problem in my life changed my outlook 50 % ! now I can deal with the progressive part of MS instead of my stomach!
Take care
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Hi ladies, well my :hero-neuro told me friday that he doubted the avonex had a part in my seriousness of problems with the ill-faited Gall Bladder, so that was good.....BUT, it has affected my liver.  They call it pancritis, and it can if severe enough-destroy the pancreas!... So there we are guys, the facts are in, avonex can do quite extensive damage to the bodies vital organs.
As long as we keep a very close watch we can also prevent the damage,we can notify our MD.and ask for other treatments.  I just wish there was a treatment that didnt require a needel to do it.Apparently my skin is getting very very tough and it is so hard to just piece the skin!  Is anyone like that.

Then I have to remind myself the cute little doctorshow my older sister would put on for me when it was time for her insulin as a diabetic.  Gradually I watched her go from 4 shots a day to now a days a pump completely contained and injecting her as needed according to what she ate!

I am certain we will soon experience something like that miracle too.  I pray for it, and hope it will soon happen.  Meanwhile-those of you on another med beside avonex, please tell me how many injections you give yourself and if so where?  The avonex stll makes me very sick, like a toddler sick with the flu, once a week I wake to find I have been crying, hugh fever and beated up with a bad bad flu,These symptoms practially wipe me out for 34 hours! They said it would pass!!  After 14 months?

Anyhow, thanks to everyone who wrote to me with words of encouragement.  May Gods Angles always keep you flying high though this life I have yet to comprehend myself.,

Thansk again

Before I even begin to think of chcnging I need expert advise please!
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