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Getting your vision checked after ON

Him everyone, it's been a bit but I wanted to check in. I have seen my new Neuro here in PDX. I like him quite a bit. He kept me on Avonex since I my body likes it and I have no side affects. My new MRI came back a few more small spots but nothing significant. Yay.,

Anyhoo-as many of you know.  I have had so many issues with my vision I opted to see an eye doctor. I know they say damage from ON can't be corrected but ahi had insurance and thought anything would be better than nothing. I lucked out and it seems since my vision is stable now, they were able to improve my vision somewhat with glasses.

I am super excited! I haven't been able to drive well at night for a few years....now, I am seeing from 20/50 back to 20/20. He could see the ON from the optic nerve image so, while I still wait for them to tell me it is not true, all signs still come back I have MS. Funny, how your mind pays tricks on your after 2 1/2 years of un-surety.

So, the point is.....don't rule out looking into some assistance with glasses with ON damage, you may find out there is something they actually can do.
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I recently went to the eye doctor and we discussed iritis and optic neuritis and he said we should always go and have it checked as there are mimic problems for those as well.  That was news to me.  Anyway, with my new lens corrections, I am 20/20……yeah, not bad for an old lady.
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I definity had ON. I just thought there was nothing they could do to correct my vision with the damage. Super happy they can, and I was misinformed. It may not be this way forever but I will eek out any better eyesight for as long as possible. :)  I can drive at night again.... Yay.
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Glad you two ladies had your vision restored to 20/20 !

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Nice to hear from you!  Glad you were able to get some help with your vision too.

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I have had ON 3 times & have had double vision for about a year. My regular

eye Dr has been telling me my eyes are fine just needed a small prescription

for reading. I kept telling him about double vision & he did nothing.

I got a new eye Dr & he says it's not normal( go figure, it never is with me )

but I am far sighted in 1 eye & near sighted in the other.
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