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Glad I saw my Neuro!

Hope all is well with everyone today!

I am currently in the midst of getting ready to go to the lake today when suddenly the phone rings and it's my sexy neuro's nurse calling.  She states that I have a pretty severe bladder infection and that the neuro wants me on antibiotics immediately.  He also wants me to have a urine test when I get back from the lake and wants to keep a very close eye on this situation.  

I find this funny because I have been having difficulty with my eyesight, balance and an intermittent pain in my eye and I thought it was plain stupid sending me for blood and urine tests.  I guess he knows what he is doing!!  I really like this idea of having a neuro that knows what he is doing!!!  he he

Anyway, I am to take the antibiotics for 7 days and then when I get back he wants me to have another urine test.  I wonder now about the cystoscopy I had back in May when I was told that my bladder was emptying completely but that my muscles were really tight "down there" and it was difficult for her to do the procedure.  Perhaps they are so tight now that they are not opening properly and I am now not emptying properly????  Who knows but I guess the neuro wants to keep a really close eye on the whole situation.  

So, that said, I am going to the lake for two glorious weeks with nothing to do but fly fish!!  I can't wait!  Just thought I would follow up and let you know what is going on in my MS world today!!  Hope everyone has a great week and I will let you know if anything changes!

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I sure hope the antibiotics fix things up for you, and I'm pleased this is not going to interfere with your fishing plans.

The Chinooks are running in Shuswap now (catch and release only) and they're taking hootchies trolled close behind a flasher at about 50' down.

The Sockeye will arrive next month, but we'll be in the Haida Guaii fishing for (and hopefuly catching) Coho's.

Have a great time on your fishing trip, hopefuly you'll feel up to par soon!


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WOW, sounds like one of those situations where the good news and the bad news are the same news.  LOL  Anyway, I'm so glad the timing worked on this and you get to treat on the go.  Imagine, you can restore balance in your bladder and re-create serenity in your soul at the same time.  You are a MULTI-TASKER!  Yeah for Rena and the sexy doc and the nurse who knows how and when to deliver a message.

This is a good reminder to all of us to get that bladder checked when symptoms flare.  UTI symptoms aren't always as obvious as we think and an infection there can often explain why we have been going downhill.  

I never gave kudos to the ER doc who ordered a urinalysis before starting the dose of IVSM my MSologist sent me in for.  The test came up clear but it was an excellent call.  In fact, when I was asked later if a UTI might have set that flare in motion I was able to give a definitive "No".  Thanks doc for saving my wandering, wondering mind from that one.

Put a reminder for follow-up on your calendar, add a remedy or two for potential antibiotic side effects to your pack and then be off to enjoy a great time Rena.  I know a few people who would be more than jealous.


Oh yeah, Carol....... I'm with you.  I love the easy lookers but I prefer a face with the look of a few years of post graduate study.  I require at least SOME evidence a razor has been used (this minimum waived for females).

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Hi Rena,

It sounds like you have a wonderful Neuro and having a sexy one is added bliss... hehe... I've never been quite that lucky myself... Now I will say that my first Urologist was a looker but still too young for this old woman...lol...

Have a wonderful vacation and catch lots of fish... Maybe we can all have a fish fry when you get back...

I'll be praying,
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Wow, Rena!

I'm glad your neuro caught you before you left!  Take your antibx, enjoy the lake, and as my dad (who taught me to fly fish) says, "Fish Hard"!

I expect pictures of the lunkers when you get back, LOL!!
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