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Got fired...no Dx...so frustrated!

Got a call from one of my 2 clients today. Cant say that I blame them though, afterall I havent worked since the begining of July and people want a reliable housekeeper.Im so sick I cant even clean my own house!
my Neurologist hasnt bothered to call me back to schedule my MRI yet!
Sorry for ranting, Im just so upset and dont know what to do.
Ive always been able to tough it out and this is kickin my ***!
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I am sorry you are dealing with this. I hope it gets better.
The grey area is so difficult to deal with--I am there myself, but after reading so many stories here, I realize my limbo has been short lived (just since July) compared to so many here.
I can relate to the frustration. I kind of regret telling my boss, as I wonder if he is assessing me now, thinking "Can she do what she has always done?"

Oh well. We shall see. I wonder the same thing!

Hang in there!
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I made the mistake of telling my boss that I had a disease.  He told all the other staff members and then they all watched me like a hawk just in case I took time off or didn't work as hard (I was the only permanent staff member, they were all temporary) so they could complain and try to get my job.  Yes, people are that horrible!

In the end I had to do more work than they did just to prove I was capable, it almost killed me (literally).

The boss liked this kind of competition because in the end it was he who benefitted from everyone trying to outdo each other for the one permanent position that they all hoped would soon be available.

I was actually pleased when I got cancer as well as the neuro problem and had to stop working.  The cancer wasn't as evil as they were.

Bagheesmom, can you get some sort of financial assistance to help you until you get a firm diagnosis?

I'm thinking of you.

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My DH has been working extra jobs on top of his fulltime job to get us by (barely). We are hanging in there, just struggling like many others.
Im just struggling so hard with this as Ive always been a dependable hard worker and rightt now I feel so useless :(
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