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Got my new foot brace and have ?

Yesterday I finally got my new foot brace for my right foot ( called a toe off) . Right from the start it felt so weird walking with it on. Probably mostly because my foot has been dropping and turning in for such a long time that I had gotten somewhat use to it.

It is made of carbon fiber material and goes all the way up my shin to just below my knee. While it has some very soft padding all along it the guy in the prosthetics department said I should wear knee high socks with it to help keep it clean and stop it from rubbing my shin.

Ever since getting home I have been trying to find some knee high socks for men without much luck. What I have found so far consist of what are called knee high compression socks @ $35/pair and lots of women's knee high socks, and few men's knee high dress socks @ $15/ pair. Now I can't afford those prices and don't think I could handle a compression sock so I am looking for ideas for an alternative to the socks that will do the same thing. Any ideas?

The other question I have had to do with the extreme pain I had in my left leg last night. I suspect that it was due to the change in my walking with the brace on. But I'm not sure about that. I know some people on here have had braces and would like to know if that happened to you as well? If you did how long did it take to get use to the brace before the pain stopped? I know last night I was in so much pain I could not get to sleep until around 4AM.

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Go on eBay.  I am sure you can find some knee socks for men there.  They may be basketball socks.  Or tube socks.  That's what we called them when I was a kid.
Good luck finding them.
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Goggle Gold Toe men's knee high....you can find a three pack (over the calf) there for about twenty dollars.  I think the brand is Canterbury
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hi dennis
im supposed to be having one of those soon for my left foot. sounds like it might because your muscles are being put to work differently thats causing the pain ...
i have had orthotic shoe insoles for both feet supplied by my podiatrist and they hurt like hell for about to days till i got used to them she said they would ?? and i got some back pain too because of the change in posture after being fiited withthe insoles..
hope it gets better if not give them a call
regards bairdy
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Where are you located? Do you have a Burlington Coat Factory where you live? I found some there for my brother-in-law. There are also some regular tube socks (Haines. Fruit-of-a-Loom, etc.) that are high.
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Maybe you can find something on this site: http://www.absolutesocks.com/
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Try a country and western store.  I have some high "boot socks" to go to just below my knee to keep my "lacers" from cutting into my legs.  They are just like extra long crew socks.

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Might be you'll need to work up to full time use of the brace Dennis.  You can develop whatever schedule works for you.  Maybe a few hours in the morning and another couple of hours in the afternoon.  You can add a third session after that or just keep extending the length of the twice daily sessions.  You can add a little time every day or do larger increases every 2-3 days or even increase only one of the sessions.  It all depends on how easy you adjust to it.

It isn't unusual to have some pain or skin irritation as you get used to a new brace but if it continues, please let the clinic know.  They may need to tweek something in the fit of the brace for you.  I hope once the two of you are acquainted the brace will be a big benefit to you.

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Thanks all that responded as it has been helpful.


I finally found some that I can afford as I hadn't thought of looking up the brand names on-line. Hanes had a 10 pack for 12.50 and fruit of the loom ( brand I wear in crew sock) are 10 for 7.19. I have ordered the one from Fruit of the loom on-line.

The foot brace is making it easier to walk ( especially with the tripping ). I have even discovered that I can wear it with my slippers ( which I wear most of the time as shoes make me over heat quickly) despite what I was told by the therapist. I am also pretty sure that the pain in my left leg was from the change in how I walk as yesterday I didn't use the brace on my right foot and had no pain while today I am getting some pain already in my left leg.

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Once you find one you like, write the sock company.  Sometimes they will either sell you seconds for almost nothing or might get generous and send you a bundle as a gift.....
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