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Gross question

I've been suspicious of my bladder for some time now, with frequent emptying and that thing where you're sitting there and you're "done" but if you "push" you get more.

Anyway, ess has now triggered a question based on something I've noticed, and I'm sorry for the grossness of this question: I drank coffee yesterday at 8 a.m. Had frequent urination throughout the day, including that immediate post-coffee diuresis where...well, it smells like coffee. At 6 p.m., I...um...peed, and it was like I'd just brewed a pot of coffee in the bathroom. I KNOW I should have processed that out long before, and it's never happened before (I drink coffee every morning at that time).

And the question: Did I retain "coffee pee" for 9 hours?

See? Gross! Sorry.

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I can't really hazard a guess about this. Did you drink a lot of other fluids throughout the day that should have 'washed' this out?

I've never gotten the coffee smell, personally. But one I do get very strongly is asparagus. If I've had it for dinner, starting several hours later and for 2 or 3 trips to the bathroom, the asparagus comes back and says hello. so I can tell for sure when it's gotten to my urinary tract. The odd thing is that it doesn't smell like asparagus--more like peanuts.

Not everyone gets this asparagus thing by a long shot. I read somewhere that it might be that they do get it, but lack the ability to detect the odor.

Back to coffee. I'd like to hear from others if they can smell it, and for how long.

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Hi Bio & Ess!!

I do the frequent thing and the push and get more thing, but haven't noticed the smell of something I've eaten or drank.  Really haven't paid any attention.

I mostly just get tired of going so much and not being able to chose when I go...hahaha  I have been concerned that lately I do have to strain more to empty my bladder.

I will pay closer attention to the smell thingy from now on, that is a good question.  

Now, you two are gonna have everyone on the forum smelling their peepee..heeheehee

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I used to get the very strong scent of coffee right after drinking a few cups, but it has diminished as I've gotten in the habit of drinking more coffee recently.

Bladder retention...  I suppose it's possible that the urine that contained the coffee esters had been retained for nine hours.  You're going to notice it more with a smell marker like that!  Keep an eye on it - retaining urine for that long can lead to kidney stones.
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umm.. I haven't notice that at all... so you drink water through the day to clear you bladder?  maybe that will help... umm that's a good question...and I don't have an answer..

you know... I sometimes get a Vinigary smell... I don't know what that is?  I have had people even mention to me " what is that smell of vinigar?.... and I didn't have any vingar... now this isn't only when I pee... it could be at the office or home...

let you Dr know about this... write it down in your timeline...and keep track..
I'm curious about the pushing and getting more urine..I do that too...but I don't know if that is unusual or normal..?   might be normal..

take care
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Yes, I get the coffee pee, especially if I don't dilute it with other drinks.  One exception--the mocha cappuccino Slim-Fast shakes stay with me all day and into the evening, no matter what.  The smell is waaay stronger than coffee pee, and way stronger than even if I actually had drunk a cappuccino or other espresso drink.
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How interesting this all is.

I have never had the coffee smell, but resemble the asparagus thing.

I agree with Jen that if the urine smells like coffee from 9 hours before you were holding on to it for nine hours.  This is not necessarily abnormal.  A normal person should be able to sleep 8 or 9 hours without urinating.

The most serious consequence of abnormal urine retention is urinary infections.  It would be an unlikely cause of kidney stones, but if it is severe the urine can push back up the ureters into the kidneys and destroy them.  This is especially a risk for men with retention.

Holly - When they make diet foods with a particular flavor they often add large amount of the aromatic and tasty esters and ketones (flavor chemicals) than the natural food would have.  this may be why the SlimFast product exerts its smell so much longer.


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I was peeing at least every hour from when I had the coffee until that 6 pm pee (ahem, or should I say "micturation"?). So probably about 10 times by then.

It's probably just some weird thing I've always done but never noticed before.

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