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Well i had to go to the ER last nite due to this recent onset of extreme lower back pain. I had the mri  of spine done at this facility and i have an appt w/neuro tuesday for results.
so the er doc pulled the reults of my spinal mri while i was there and gave me the worst news. i have lesions on my spine i have central and foraminal stenosis at L4 and L5. also have a 5.0 hyperintense mass invoving the lower pole of right kidney. there is also mild lumbar scoliosis. i also have a mild bilateral inferolateral stenosis.
Quix or anyone ?? what doe this all mean??? The er doc said this was all in line with the ms dx.
my brain mri noted numerous foci in deep white matter subcortal in both hemispherres of cerebrum.
This pain is intolerable and i am so worried because this does not look good...
PLEASE if anyone knows anything please let me know
Thankyou all
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I don't know what all this news means. But just wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear it.

Hang in there!!
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I can tell you a few things.  I had a cervical MRI that mentioned "stenosis and foraminal narrowing, and it mentioned mild scoliosis"  I was told that this was normal aging and wrinkles on the inside.  Mine even said stuff like, severe stenosis and impingement on the nerve root, etc.  I can look it up if I need to.

I am sorry I can't help you with the other findings, but I am sure that someone else will have some knowledge about it.

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Sorry you are so upset. Have you been dx.d ?  I can't say what this means , Tthe lesions are just that and you have a pretty good idea already what they indicate and the E.R. guy supported those feelings .

Its got to be incredibly difficult for you right now .  Is there anyone you can talk to in person , someone to give you a hug and a shoulder?  If not(or in conjunction) everyone here will help you through all of this .

Be very gentle with yourself today . Do all the things you know that are soothing to you.

((((HUGS )))and Prayers     Jo
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Hey lady,

Just wanted to send some cyber thoughts and hugs for you. I can't offer any advice but hope your pain eases soon.


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I want to thank you all for you kind words and support!
Yes i have my wonderful hubby of 27 yrs and my children are 27yrs, 23 yrs, 21 yrs and last but not least our beautiful ooops ..Lyric she is 10 yrs old.
It has shaken all of us cuz it all came on so hard and fast..... i have always been healthy and even gave birth to my 4 babies w/out any meds...... so i truly have a high tolerance level. i was given percocet last night and i took one today and the pain is still intense and i cannot stand for more then like 10 minutes.
If you seen my prev post about my doc not giving me my results from all the recent testing when i went to see him for an emg of my spine and legs.. well i can see why now...... this is devastating!
Thankyou all so very much.......
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I am very sorry to hear of your pain.  My husband, Craig, who is in limboland now but new neuro  this week, has horrible pain at T12.  He had a bone scan of his thoracic spine which showed "unexplained increased uptake" at T12 but nothing seen on a MRI.  

He tells me the pain is very bad.  Do you have spasms of the paraspinal muscles located next to the spine??  Craig does.

I hope you can convince your neuro to give you something besides percocet for the pain.  I think the pain is neurogenic (nerve ) pain, but hopefully someone who knows more can let you know if I am right.

Take care.  Sometimes a heating pad on low heat can take Craig's mind off of the pain.  I

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