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Hand weakness

Does anyone have upper back pain or hand weakness?
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I've got a lot of pain at the top of my neck and extending into the base of my skull at the moment.  My left hand/arm is also very weak.
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I do have "shoulder blade" pain... I just saw my neuro a week ago and she explained that the pain and "weird" sensations I get are sensory pain from the signal issues caused by MS.  I also have osteoarthritis so I thought it was related to that she explained that although some of my pain is arthritic a majority is sensory.
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I have left hand and arm weakness. My right hand will almost stick in a spot sometimes...not the weak hand, but just an odd symptom.
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Left hand and arm weakness here too.  Constantly dropping things.  Very weak grip.  Plus every kind of abnormal sensation in that hand: numbness, prickling pain, shooting pain, raw/abrasion type pain,  achy, cold and wet sensation, itchiness, stiffness, vise-like grip feeling around my whole hand and my fingertips, sensation of always wearing a too tight glove.  A tendency to want to curl that hand in a ball to relieve some of the icky feeling.  Constant discomfort, day and night, 24/7.  In my right hand, several of these same sensations, but very mild in comparison to the left.  
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I have a lot of pain in my shoulder blades and neck on a regular basis. I wake up that way and now dh brings me an icepack every morning when it's time for me to wake up and I will put it under my head for awhile. That helps a LOT.  

Sometimes I get a feeling of pins and needles in my trapezius muscle - I've had that for years - but it always seems to be just when I've been typing a lot or doing a lot of dishes, so it may just be from tired muscles.

Occasionally I have an episode where my left hand feels so heavy I can barely lift it and it also feels weak at that time, but it usually goes away quickly so I havn't paid much attention to it.

I'm in "limbo" and have not been diagnosed with MS, but just thought I'd share my experience with you.
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My hand symptoms are EXACTLY the same. Almost completely in my left hand, with a few similar sx in the right.

That's oddly comforting, in a way, because it makes me think I'm not as weird as I thought!
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Yes, I have weakness in my left hand. I also have spasticity in my lower left arm and my hand tends to contract into a fist while I sleep. Fun stuff.

I've had quite a bit of physical therapy for it and I have some exercises that I can do at home for it. They do help, but not as much as I would like them to.
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