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Happy Birthday Tarter!!!!

Happy Birthday to a Very Special  Lady !

May this Day be the start of a Wonderful Year, May your Hopes and Dreams become Realities.

May your Health improve with each day that passes.

May there be enough cake for you to have that extra piece you are thinking about.

May the Ice Cream not melt before it touches your mouth

May your Day be filled with the sounds of Happiness and Laughter

May you be surrounded by all the people who love you

In Other Words may you have a nearly Perfect Day and Year

Sending you Love filled Hugs and Loads of Birthday Wishes
{{{{~!~}}}} DJ and Miss Precious
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Happy birthday!

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Hippy Happy Birthday!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIDDO!  May this be the best yet, and the year it ushers in even better.

Can I share your horoscope?  You sound really neat!

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To : doublevision
Quite a bit there is me ,The creative side  is spot on.
Thanks for taking time to copie this down and post it makes interesting reading in Astrology!

Thanks also to essdipty, mistylee, rendean, Pastordan, Green 924

Hugs to yo all tarter
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Happy birthday fellow Capricorn!  

Does this sound like you?

January 15 Birthday Astrology

Comfort is vital to Capricorns born on January 15. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, they do what they can to make the world better. They gravitate toward good feelings, good works, and good intentions. They enjoy living in the lap of luxury but never lose sight of the intangibles that make life worth living.

Friends and Lovers
People born on this day are loners yet possess a magnetism that draws people to them. They are loyal and supportive to friends. They have trouble making sense of all but the most intense relationships and usually give their heart only once. They have little problem keeping relationships separate from personal expectations.

Children and Family
Family matters have an important place for those born on January 15. They have leadership potential and are often regarded as the scion of the family. As parents, they encourage their youngsters to develop independence and self-sufficiency yet are anxious to protect them from failures and disappointments.

Although blessed with general good health, January 15 individuals possess an extremely sensitive nature that can negatively affect their physical well-being. In order to retain emotional and physical equilibrium, it's important for them to practice meditation, especially before bedtime.

Career and Finances
January 15 natives know how to take care of business. Career goals play a vital role in their lives, though it may take a long time for them to discover where their deepest interests lie. When they do settle on a career, they give their all. They enjoy making money, although that isn't an especially important factor in their career choice.

Dreams and Goals
Although they wear the mask of practicality with conviction, people born on January 15 have a complicated nature. They want to create a legacy. Their dreams may be far more fanciful and creative than those who know them might expect. For this reason, they often turn to the creative arts for personal expression. Painting, writing, or music help them achieve their inner potential.
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Hey, Tarter! Sending good wishes for the happiest birthday ever!

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Wishing you a wonderful Birthday filled with love, may there be many more.

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Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a lovely day despite you not feeling well. Sounds like your husband is taking good care of you and you are surrounded by your loved ones.

I hope you feel better soon so you can really celebrate the day!

With warm wishes,

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...and many more!
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Dear Shadowsister and Heather and friends,

Thank you so much for your up lifting words I am not feeling well today so its been great to
receive your kind messages.

I have a lovely log fire going and my dog and cats close by with husband making me hot drinks so I am truly blessed.

Thankyou so much tarter
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Happy, happy Birthday, precious one.  I hope the joy of your birthday, last throughout the year.  I wonder why we can't celebrate our lives and birth, everyday of the year?  I think the side effects of all the cake and ice-cream on our toochies, would be reason enough to only do this once a year.  It would in my case, as everything that passes my lips, winds up on my hips.

Make it a GREAT day and a fun-filled day.  I hope you get all the presents today, that you wanted but didn't get for Christmas.

Happy Birthday.....

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