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Have you removed feces manually?

Sorry if u r eating breakfast and find this question.  In the last 2 months I have been working with a nutritionist. Her hope was to help me feel better, generally. What's happened is being constipated and needing the put on a latex glove and  remove hard turds ( I am so embarrassed ) from my butt! I have managed to annoy the area enuf to have blood show in the gloves. Poop is hard and used to, at times "scratch" skin and show small amt. of blood.  I am trying to eat veg, fruit, fiber, drink water. I made the "constipation cure" posted here and it may be helping. Has anyone resorted to removing feces like me?
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Thanks so much. I was just looking for stool softener!  I have been working for 3 mos with a nutritionist and she know the situation. She may be too new at her job to really get how MS can mess with one's poop! The older I get the more anxious I am to see any doctor-except my shrink, lol. He asked me to show him the nutritionist resume.
Thanks for writing, nice to hear from u again. How r u feeling on this June day?
Take care, Nicky
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I located one of the MS pamphlets on bladder and bowel issues that I have and thought you might find it helpful.......  

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lol cold it's going on winter over my side of the world aaaaand i'm regretting pulling up the floor tiles at my mums ohhhhhhh my gosh do my legs muscles hurt lol that'll teach me............er probably not :D
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Thanks for the web address, I will finish my lunch and check it. Ya, I guess sit isn't summer where u r :).  We have only had two 80 degree days so far. 50's a lot- but Mosquitos r biting-boo.
I'll let u know how things go (literally )
I kno sore leg muscle won't keep u down. Take good care. Nicky
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I take a rubber glove on my right hand dip in Vaseline. I pull out fecese piece by piece. It takes so dexterity with one hand. I have had to do it since part of my rectum was removed from cancer. Mushy stool is harder to get out but it is duable. It sticks to the gloves. Make sure you drink a lot of water to keep hydrated. I take lactalose when constipated it is prescription. The rest of the stuff bloats me.

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God bless you Alex for the step by step directions for this. I so appreciate you being willing to share. People on this site r so kind and helpful. I hope u r feeling well today.
I have disposable gloves and lube and fear around this task.  
I will try and be brave like u. You are brave.
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I've not had to don the glove, but I have dealt with horrendous constipation. At its worst I will 3-4 days without having a moving experience. When I do my stool has a large circumference and is very hard. When I finally do go, the message from my brain to the muscles that contract to expel get lost. I have to strain extremely hard.

I was eating a lot of fiber, two TBS flax seed meal added to dinner every day, and not drinking enough water. WOrking with my Naturopathic doctor, we switched in well hydrated chia seed for the flax. I have also started to force myself to drink 2L of water everyday. THe cherry on top is a stool softener. I take 500mg ducosate sodium every day.

If I am diligent woth the above routine, my constipation is greatly reduced.

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If you can get it in your part of the world, try eating Chinese gooseberries, otherwise known as 'Kiwifruit' in my part of the world.  They're hairy little brown fruit with a green centre.  When you eat them skin and all you will move even the worst constipation.

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Kyle, thanks for sharing your ways around serious constipation. So far chia seeds-the texture when wet kind of gags me. Do you add soaked chia to something or just suck it down ? R u saying all the flax seed meal was binding u because not enough H2O? Do u take ducosate sodium( is that colace?) am or pm?  Sorry for rapid fire questions? Thanks again for your generous time/help. Nicky
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Want to let u kno I found the document! Thanx again. Nicky
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Hi Poppy..the entire kiwi, fuzz on the skin and all. Would u put it in a smoothie or what. It's hard to imagine chewing that skin :) Kiwi is easy to find in Boston
Massachusetts , and I will give it a try. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question. I appreciate every reply, suggestion and individuals experience . Thank you. Nicky
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Hi McNic

I just slug down 2 TBS of hydrated Cihia seed in the AM. It's not too pleasant but it's over quickly :-)

I do think the combo of flax seed meal and too little H2O was binding me up.

I take the ducosate sodium at bed time. It is the same as Colace, but the stool softerner flavor, not the Colace with laxitive. I buy the rite aid store brand.

Next? :-)

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I've been doing Miralax daily for a couple of years now.  My neurogenic bowel and constipation have resulted in a rectocele-bowel bulging into the vagina.  I haven't had to resort to digging it out, but I do have to use a technique called splinting--insert a finger or two in the vagina, or a tampon.  It pushes the bowel out of the way, directing the poop back up toward the rectum so it can come out.  Yucky.
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I'm sorry you're having that trouble. I haven't had to pull any out manually in a long time, but I used to have to do that as a kid. The only thing I've had to do lately is push down with my hand similar to the reply above to get the stools to pass. Sometimes drinking a half cup of olive oil helps me, but I try not to do that unless I feel like I really have to.
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Oh my gosh - I wish I couldn't relate so well but I can! I take lactulose but sometimes it just makes me nauseous and things get really bad. I've done the "splinting" and a bit of glove digging, but think there's no really perfect answer that works for everyone.

Nutritionally, I've found that dried prunes are really helpful. Also legumes like black eyed peas help. I had/ have a rectocele and had to have surgery to repair it several years ago. My rectum actually came out really far. Now I do my best not to strain because it isn't holding very well. At the time of my rectal prolapse repair, I also had a foot of colon removed. I've considered having it all taken out (GI Dr. Recommended), but am doing my best to avoid.

Try the prunes and beans and peas, and keep on trucking! 2-3 days is nothing for me! I've gone weeks! That was before lactulose! Good luck and God bless.
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With kiwifruit I just cut the stalky bits out of each end and then eat it in slices skin and all.  You could also put it in a smoothie.
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Again Kyle-thanks for the helpful info! Since I have a bag of chia seeds I will give them another try. Between the applesauce /oat bran/prune juice recipe I found here, and munching on dried prunes I am feeling much better tonite and want to send a general THAnKS to everyone ( but I don't kno how, so one by one unless I figure it out.
Been wanting to ask u if the Squire deli still exists in great neck?
:)  thanks Kyle.
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Gosh, I feel for all you are dealing with just to poop, right? It's unfair, of course...fair has no place in explaining what we each have to deal with, adjust to..Thank u for sharing your techniques so directly. Maybe thE splinting method would be helpful for me and less yucky than up the rectum. Yucky is right. Nicky
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Thank u for writing. It is comforting to know ( as well as upsetting) to know so many nice people are dealing with SO much.  I know I have kind of a negative outlook on life in general these days - having to deal with the many realities of chronic illness..but hearing from you (from everyone today who posted ) makes me acutely aware of keep on trucking is the only answer.
God bless as well.
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I can't imagine swallowing a half cup of olive oil...but I can do many of everyone's suggestions. Better be careful not to go overboard and try too many. A combo of everyone's helpful hints give me more options than I has this morning. Thank you so much for writing. Nicky
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I never intended to pick "the best answer" u all are wonderful. I don't know how to remove that big green check..sorry :(
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Hi Alex, hope u r doing ok today. How goes the battle? My dad used that expression a lot...kinda weird but it does get to the point.
I had a first appoint. Wth new MS doc and she was pleasant but suggested I back off my pain meds and "suck it up". That no pain med will help the big squeeze of MS hug/banding.  We only talked, no exam what so ever. Pretty disappointed .
I so hope you r feeling better than last time u wrote.
Thinking of you' Nicky
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I wanted you to know that I completely sympathize, and this is one of the most horrible things ever.

I have severe constipation. I tried everything - soluble fiber, drinking lots of water, prune juice, etc. None of it really helped. I've had to resort to manual disimpaction more times than I can count. It's still awful.

I was taking two stool softener caplets daily, and with a dose of milk of magnesia every other week, this was enough to deal with the bowel impaction problems I was having. If I ran out of stool softeners, everything stopped working.

I was managing fine, and then I got pregnant. If I thought I was constipated before, whoo boy! Instead of rocks, I had very hard, sharp pebbles. Bowel motility must be at a standstill. The longer I leave it, the worse it gets. Going three days without a movement is sheer hell.

I'm still trying to find a solution that will work with being pregnant. I see my OB/GYN tomorrow, maybe she can recommend something I haven't tried. I have the stool softeners, the magnesium caplets, and a mild stimulant laxative when things get really ugly.

Keep things moving, or you'll keep having to deal with the issue of bowel impaction. Think of it as an accident on the road that you have to clear before traffic can get going again. If traffic can't get going, you'll have another accident that has to be moved out of the way.

I've found, as HVAC sez, that the best thing is to use a latex glove and some sort of lubricant. Insert very carefully, and try to guide the finger around the blockage. Sometimes small pieces can be removed first, and then the major blockage can be removed. Keep your fingernails trimmed and short. Witch hazel is good to clean the area and keep it sanitary.

Good luck! You have my sympathies.
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Oh, hey, just read your last post.

Do not let the neurologist tell you that you have to suck it up and deal with the MS hug. There are several medications that can help.

For a long time, I took Baclofen. It's great for the spasticity I was having. It also seemed to calm down the daily episodes of the esophageal spasm, which is another manifestation of the MS hug. If you're having some serious pain, and the Baclofen doesn't seem to help, there's a drug called Tizanidine, which will fix just about everything. It's really strong - the sort of drug you don't want to take and then drive somewhere.
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