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Hi everyone. Need advice about headache this happened to me once before.

I wanted to rip off my head. I felt the headache starting but i thought it was just a normal headache.

I have alot of them but they are usually bearable. This time it was so painful i was in tears.

It felt as if my head was going to explode. I had trouble walking was not very coherent,felt nauseous and vomited twice.

It lasted for several hrs any kind of movement made it worse. It was the worse pain i have ever had that was 24hrs ago.

I am still having crushing pains in the back of my head. And it has drained all my energy.

Does this sound like a migraine? or something i should call my neuro about.
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Sounds much like a migraine. Still worth checking with your dr though, as any new headache should be.

Pain like that at the back of the head - particularly if it's at the base of the skull - can be a 'basilar' migraine.

the vomiting is classic for a migraine. I sympathise - I  get this so often I cannot believe I am not (apaprently) dying!

Aint life fun!!!
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Sounds like a migraine to me too. I agree with Jemmus that you should still consult your doctor.

I use to get migraines but havne't had one in a long time (knock on wood) but the only thing that kinda helped was to find a dark quiet place get comfortable and not move. I hope you get some relief.

Call you doctor to make sure they don't want to see you,
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Thanks ladies
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Did you get any wierd feelings before the pain started?  Like a flushed feeling, rainbows around lights, did sounds get more loud?   Those would be auras, and would also point to it being a migraine.

Was the pain more focused on one side of your head?  

these are classic migraine symptoms, I get.  I have classic migraine with aura since I was 13.

a few things you said I can relate to are  movement makes it worse, and nausea from the pain (sometimes not always for me).

for me the migraine typically runs a course, stars with auras that last maybe 1/2 hour?.  Once the pain hits I have to lay absolutely still in a dark room with my head sandwhiched in pillows.  I usually fall asleep, and then wake up a few hours later and the pain is gone, but I have a dazed feeling.  

the pain with migraines can be severe....  Some of the most pain I've had. I've had such bad pain that I couldn't stand up and crawled to the bathroom and couldn't work the child proof lid on my pain killers and then spilled them everywhere.  Have also been sick and laid on the bathroom floor because head hurt so much I couldn't stand up.
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My near finally got back to me today. He wants me to get a CT scan of the head. He thinks it maybe subarachnoid hemorrhage. As if having Ms wasn't enough
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