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Heat intolerance

Noticing issues with heat lately, and have a question for those who are dx'd and have heat intolerance.  Okay, two questions... at least.

1. How long does it take for the effects to kick in when you get too warm?

2. How soon do these effects clear up, once you get back to a "normal" (I guess I mean cooler) environment?

and now..

3. Do you have these experiences all the time, such as during periods in which you would otherwise count yourself as being in remission, or do these heat-induced worsening periods happen only during periods you'd call a relapse?
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Hi PastorDan,
My heat sensitivity is almost nIle. Standing, walking about forget about it!!!! If there is no shade I can't play. ( lol )

Honestly I am bothered by it. I've been known for carrying and umbrella this  summer. Right before I get over heated I would get very dizzy and incoherent, almost like the sound coming out and going in are muffled. I'm terrified to pass out.  
So easy does it......
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During the summer you will find me in my room with fans and my swamp cooler on.  I rarely go out if its too hot I just get too sick.  OMG, I am not sure if I could handle humidity on top of the heat.

We are in California and have no REAL humidity here. I am definitely looking forward to the cold weather.  The heat intolerance is always with me, I don't notice it getting much worse or better, not enough to change anything anyway.

Sorry this is bothering you now, hope it gets better..

hugs, meg
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Hey, shell.  Thanks to everybody for the variety of responses.  I've just noticed my balance and vision issues, which come and go all the time, it seems, have recently been worse when I am in a too-hot space or condition.  Maybe it just seems that way.  I guess time will tell; it's pretty much intermittent and inconsistent, like everything else.
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Helllooo there,

Symptoms from heat, are pseudo's, not official attacks, and should subside in short order once the trigger is removed :) If not, and continues for days, and weeks, this leans more toward an actual attack.

My experiences vary greatly. I've been in the heat, and just frazzle quickly, especially if standing or sitting for long periods. Have experienced the opposite if I'm out in in for awhile, but moving about.

Humidity like the others plays the key factor for me.  

Sometimes I'm very intolerant to heat if I'm in and out of the air conditioning. I'm better if I can adjust - I'm just a weirdo, lol

Do tell what you are experiencing MR!

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Me too! the humidity is what gets me...I live in southern Florida....I start to get weak and shaky...when I get back indoors to airconditioning I start to "feel" better quickly...but the shakiness continues for quite some time.

Laurie :)
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For me it's more humidity than heat. I can walk on my treadmill for 45 minutes, with 8 LB hand weights doing various arm exercises, and work up a serious sweat. I will have no issues.

If I walk outside, without the weights, on a humid day, at about the 45 minute mark I start to lose control of my left leg. Another 5-10 minutes and I am almost flinging the leg to move forward.

If I rest for 5-10 minutes I get most control back. If I rest for 30 minutes I'm pretty much back to normal.

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Hey there,

I think your going to find that the heat intolerance thats associated with MS is one of the 'forever' oddities due to the destruction of myelin. "the protective sheath which surrounds and protects nerve fibres causes the formation of plaques on the nerves which slow nerve impulses. A build up of heat slows down nerve transmission causing symptoms to worsen."


I also think the amount of time it takes to show up and the amount of time it takes to recover, are going to be individual, most likely fluctuating even for an individual because of changing circumstances. So how long is a peice of string? :o)

I personally experience a number of worsening issues now, it was different before 09, back then it was more fatigue, vision blurring, tingling left leg and weakness. After 09 I added falling over more than my usual, my balance just gets worse and worse. I soooo cant hide the tremor, its just too obvious, hmmm and I end up not being able to focus on anything long enough because i have to look at my feet all the time. lol Communicating gets harder to do too, I have to get cool asap but i usually have to sleep it off or i'm totally useless.


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Thanks, Jane.  Yes, I did the search thing, but didn't find direct answers to those particular questions.  I appreciate your specificity.

I guess a broader question is, does someone who is not heat-intolerant sometimes become that way, or is this something that people either have or don't?  I would guess it could go either way, like most things with this crazy condition.
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Hi. You might find quite a bit of variation with this question, but I'll share my experience. I am definitely in remission at the moment and I still feel increased symptoms when I heat up. The symptoms calm down when I cool off.

For example, I went on a bike ride today. I was several miles into my ride when I decided to pull off at a lake to take in the scenery. As soon as I stepped of my bike, I noticed that my feet were much more numb than the had been when I got on. After I finished my ride and got home, I was back to baseline within an hour or maybe even less.

- Jane

For extra discussion on this subject, you could search the forum for 'heat symptoms' or similar terms. I remember that this issue has been discussed in the past. Best wishes!
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