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Hello, I am new here

I don't no where to start, but from what I am seeing I may be in the same boat as some other people.  I had a CT done about 2 years ago and it showed a small focal area of nonspecific right frontal periventricular white matter change.  Then recently I had an episode of vertigo while driving which left me with a headache and blurry vision; I still have the blurry vision to date.  My GP ordered an MRI of the brain w/o contrast which read as follows: Impression:  Nonspecific periventricular FLAIR signal intensity about bilateral occipital horns without evidence of restricted diffusion, unchanged.  New focal FLAIR hyperintensity within right corona radiata without evidence of restricted diffusion.  Differential includes Lyme Disease, vasculitis or demyelinating process such as mulitple sclerosis.  Small vessel ischemic disease is also in the differential but is considered less likely.  Clinical correlation is recommended.  When I saw my GP I had developed a rash across my midsection, then I developed a purplish mark above my eye.  I had tennis elbow about 2 years ago which was treated with steriods and my right thumb last was swollen with a purple mark on it.  My GP sent me to a neurologist and he performed a lumber puncture which was negative and now ordered a VER test since I am still experiencing eye sight problems.  I had blood work done also and my ANA was positive/abnormal which I will be seeing a Rhemologist shortly.  I have swollen fingers and my hands turn bright red and I am still having vertigo and when I get up in the morning and when I sit for long periods of time I get stiff and I am having hard time walking up the stairs. I thought I had an ear infection the other day, but it turned out to be TMJ; also have had trouble swallowing on occasion.  The neurologist told me that my lesions were not "typical" for MS and that it could take years for a diagnosis in some people.  I feel like I am getting worse and I am so tired.  I feel like I am in limbo!  I am sorry for the long post and I would appreciate it if anyone can give me some insight.  I was not happy with this neurologist, he was not pleasant to say the least and I am thinking of getting another opinion.  I asked him the other day, maybe we could repeat the MRI with contrast and he said no.  Any help with help.  Thanks for listening!
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Hi there and I just wanted to say hello and welcome. I am unable to give comments about your symptoms..but there are many who may be able to help.

One things that is for sure is that you are obviously experiencing some serious neurological symptoms and you will certainly find many people on the forum who are in the same position of being in limboland waiting for a diagnosis.

There is plenty of helpful information about ms on the health pages above so it may be worth spending some time dipping into these.

Also just to suggest that in future posts you break your paragraphs up into shorter sections as I have done, as many people with ms find it difficult to read large chunks of text.

Hope you do not have to wait too long for your next appointments. Keep a record of all your symptoms and dates when you experience them as this will be useful for future visits.

With best wishes

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Welcome.  I've read your  information and several things strike me as non-MS, especially "have swollen fingers and my hands turn bright red "
and the abnormal ANA.

The rheumy as your next stop is an excellent idea, but that still won't explain the lesions.  And of course you are always welcome here, MS or not.

A new neurologist is definitely in order - if you are not comfortable with the one you currently see then it is time to move on.  This is definitely a partnership and you may be years in limbo working with the doctors to get definitive answers.

Be sure to get copies of all your tests, including discs of your MRI so you have a complete set to take with you.  This saves expense of some repeat tests as well as giving you the recorded history of your journey.

be well,
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Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly and for the helpful suggestions.
I did forget to mention in my last post that about 3 years ago I experienced a terrible episode of vertigo that lasted a whole week or longer.
  My GP sent me to a ENT and nothing was found as their thinking that it had to do with something in my middle ear.
I also have IBS, reflux and urinary problems and I told the doctors that all of them are getting worse.
I always had trouble with the heat even when I was younger and always experienced some dizzy/vertigo; its funny when you start to have these newer symptoms things start to come to mind that you "brushed" off. I am sure I will think of more things and I did notice I am having memory problems.
I am sorry for the long initial paragraph, but once I started typing it was just flowing, but will be more careful.
Thanks for everything.
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