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I have been diagnosed with MS for just over two  years.  In 2010 I had Optic Neuritis.  We think this was my first episode with ms.  Recently I had yet another MRI, because I had lost vision in my left eye.  It only lasted about two hours, but kinda scary.  There are
multiple hyperintense foci primarily in the periventricular white matter.
The largest is within the right frontal lobe measuring up to 9.5 mm .  My question is this big or worrisome?  I am frustrated, because I don't know if it has anything to do with my eye issues.  I drive 2+ hours everyday for work and it scares me that I might lose my sight while driving.  I don't know if I would even qualify for disability, being I can walk just fine at this point.  Any insight would be most welcome, thank you!
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That lesion is pretty big, true, but in MS, it's not size but location that causes problems. Many lesions are 'silent,' fortunately. This means that at least for the present, they haven't made themselves known in terms of symptoms. This tends to be true especially for brain lesions.

I'm a big proponent of treatment drugs for MS. Personally I'm on Tecfidera, knowing that this way I'm doing my best to keep further MS damage at bay. Not treating it but just waiting for the next thing to happen is a scary thought. Are you on one of the MS drugs?

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Loss of sight for that short period of time sounds more like migraines. I get them and they sometimes do not hurt but take me sight in one eye for short periods.

If you have vision problems often you might have to stay off the road for not only yourself but others.If I have a migraine I pull off the road until it clears.

If your eyes are bad you can get disability. It does not pay as much as a job and it is hard to get but if you need it it is there.

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Thank you Alex and Ess.   I haven't had migraines in probably 5 or more years.  I am 53 and being tested for a stroke, still waiting for results. I will see my doc next week to go over everything.  If I tell my doctor anything, he kinda overreacts, so I am not really worried about having had a stroke.  I am currently on Tysabri. (once a month infusions).  I struggle with nerve pain, fatigue, cramping and cognitive issues.  I work in Special Education, so my days can be challenging to say the least.  I am also an artist, who after 10 years am just starting to sell my work.  Life is cruel sometimes!  I would do steroids if I knew it would fix it, but last time it do anything for me and I was so sick for 4 days.  Thank you for your comments.  Take care!
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