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Hi old friends and everyone new!

I've been soooooooooooooooo bad about keeping up with the online groups.  We moved last July and totally fell out of habit and bad me, haven't been here in forever.

I hope everyone is doing well!  I just had my MRIs done and I was thinking about everyone, wondering how the group was doing.  My MRIs were good news, reminding myself I've been very lucky with how I've responded to meds and changes I've made in my life, thought I should come back and check in with everyone else.  

I am still totally gluten free, its a wretched horrible reaction these days, definitely learned that the longer you're gluten free, the worse when you do have an accidental incident  My dairy issues are continually getting worse, I am mostly dairy free, but realizing even with taking a lactaid, its not stopping reaction, so facing reality that I should just accept that I should cut out dairy.....  yes, that is as whiney as it sounds, I know...  

Its been a brutal winter here, spending most of the winter out of the cold, thankfully the new place is much larger, lots to keep me busy.  Still involved with the parrot rescue, handling the adoption coordination, so that keeps me busy and able to do most things on the laptop.  

I'll be skimming thru and catching up on recent posts, look forward to hearing what everyone has been up to.  

Hugs to everyone!!

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Hi Jen,

I don't think I've had the pleasure before but welcome back!

I was dx back in late 2013 and am still trying to figure my body out. I also had symptoms for 15 plus years before dx but I had the excuse of blaming everything on my RA.

I am actually very interested in the gluten free lifestyle even though I've been told my bloods are negative as well as a stomach biopsy. I do have some malabsorption issues.

Nice to meet you!

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Melinda -

Very nice meeting you!  I love your screen name :)  hope it's an attitude you try to keep everyday :)

So since I've missed so much tell me about you!  Family, pets,.hobbies?  How are you feeling and dealing with the MS monkey?

I am no longer able to work full time, but I keep myself busy and productive with volunteering as adoption coordinator for a parrot shelter and helping friend with his young towing / trucking company.  Attached is a link to pic of me recently taken with one of my birds who is more puppy then parrot :)  on my phone on the car can't see how to just add pic, if I can, have to admit I don't remember!

Look forward to hearing more about you :)  

Hope you're having a great day ;)

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Oh a pastry chef dabbling in gluten free chocolate.... oh yum!!  

I'm the opposite of you, can't wait for warmer weather tho not looking forward to hot and humid. I keep joking we should summer in Alaska and winter in Tennessee.  Or we all move to Ireland!  Truly was perfect MS climate ;)  

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Glad the MRI was good.

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Hi Jen.  Melinda here.

  Yes, I'm a newbie.  Have had MS lots of years but very  recently had that become official.

  Welcome back.  I hope we can get acquainted.

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Hey Jen,

It's so nice to see your smiling face back up on the boards :D and it's good to hear how your doing!

It's stinking hot over my side of the world, kicking my butt more than i want to admit.......looking forward to winter!

lol I literally was just talking to DD about lactose and gluten, both my kids are lactose intolerant but she is well aware of her very low tolerance of gluten, and she's a pastry chef too. I was going nutzoid over her new 'gluten free' chocolate mud slice, just heaven! She'd created this to die for gluten free mud slice, because she gets the food limitations with allergies and she's constantly getting more and more gluten, dairy, natural etc requests and refuses to compromise on the YUM factor lol i seriously don't mind being her test dummy  when it involves chocolate :o)

Hugs back at you!



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